Friday, November 16, 2007

Justification - "An instantaneous legal act of God in whcih he 1) thinks of our sin as forgiven and Christ's righteousnes as belonging to us, and 2) declares us to be righteous in his sight" (Grudem, Systematic Theology, 723).

Here is the link to Piper's great sermon at Evangelical Theological Society yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Geoff, thanks for the link...great sermon. Appreciate the building up.

Wes said...

I was there at the conference, and it was an awesome lecture. I am blogging about Piper's response to N. T. Wright right now, which will probably be a lengthy series of posts. I would love your insights as I wrestle through the material!

Wes said...

Oh, by the way, my blog has moved to

Geoffrey Kirkland said...

Thanks man. Glad you had a great time at ETS.

Thanks for the update on .Wordpress!


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