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The New Covenant & Futuristic Premillennialism

Reading the Old Testament at face value implementing a normal, plain hermeneutic (interpretation) leads a person to futuristic premillennialism (that is, that Jesus Christ will return to earth in glory before the one-thousand year earthly kingdom. Concerning the NEW COVENANT: "The unconditional, unilateral (Ezek 20:37; 37:26), everlasting (Isa 55:3; 59:21; 61:8; Jer 32:40; 50:5; Ezek 16:60; 37:26; Heb 9:15), and irrevocable (Isa 54:10; Heb 7:22) new covenant assumes nullification, due to Israel's sin, of the conditional Old/Mosaic covenant (Jer 31:32; Ezek 44:7; Zech 11:10-11). Originally made with Israel (Jer 31:31) and containing redemptive blessings of both salvation (Isa 49:8; Jer 31:34) and prosperity (Isa 49:8; Jer 32:40ff; 50:5; Ezek 34:25; Hos 2:18ff), this autonomous covenant later allowed the New Testament church to participate salvifically (cf. Rom 11:11-32) through Christ, the messenger (Mal 3:1) and mediator (Heb 8:6; 9:15; 12:24) of a better covenant (Heb

Praying for Revival -- in the Church & in the World

Here are some ways that I'm praying for revival along with our flock at Christ Fellowship Bible Church : PRAYING FOR REVIVAL IN THE CHURCH - in our hearts to love Christ - in our hearts to love the gospel - in our hearts to pity the lost - in our hearts to live for eternity - in our hearts to smell & hear the crackling fire of hell - in our hearts to long for, hear & see the glories of heaven - in our midst to be a praying church - in our midst to be a loving church - in our midst to be a pure church IN THE WORLD - that we would evangelize zealously - that the Spirit would open blind eyes - that the Spirit would blow regeneration in masses - that the Spirit would awaken dead souls to new life - that the Spirit would use tract distribution - that the Spirit would bless & use the open air preaching - that the Spirit would give regeneration to CFBC folks preaching Christ. - that our marriages would be so radically different from the world that they would be walking, b

Live in the Love of God Today.

Live in the Love of God Today Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Nothing motivates a Christian to live godly more than basking in the bottomless ocean of divine love. To live in the love of God is to experience the nearness of God. Jude commands believers to: ἑαυτοὺς ἐν ἀγάπῃ θεοῦ τηρήσατε (“keep yourselves in the love of God”; v.21). 1. The Love of God is Available. God’s love surrounds the child of God. No child of God needs to approach the Father and ask Him to begin pouring out love. No child of God needs to perform a particular ceremony in order to begin the outpouring of divine love. The love that God gives is ever-available. It is near, it is perfect, it is available, and it is full. The love that God gives is rich and it never runs dry. 2. The Love of God is Beautiful. Nothing can warm the believer’s heart more than the love of God. The love that God displays is captivating to the believer’s heart and soul. The love that God gives is beautiful because it find