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Encouraging Kids for the "Sunday-Sermon-Feast!"

Encouraging Kids for the “Sunday-Sermon-Feast” Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church I love being a dad. Being a dad is at the same time gloriously rewarding and wonderfully difficult. Thanks be to God for His Word and for His Truth and for His Church. As a dad, I want to shepherd my children by prioritizing the local church. So I want them to know just how important it is to worship God corporately, to gather with His people, to hear the Word preached, to glory in our Risen redeemer! Here are a few ways that I’ve thought about encouraging children for the “Sunday-Sermon-Feast.” How do you help your kids prepare? What are some short, simple ways to help them prepare for it? Here are 4 simple, memorable headings: 1.  GET READY!  (prepare) Encourage your children to get ready for worship ahead of time. Put the children to bed on Saturday night and cheerfully remind them that the best day of the week is coming when we gather with God’s people to worship our sweet

Practical Ways to Evangelize & Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Practical ways to evangelize: Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Here are some very pastoral and practical tips for you to consider as you proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. These are just some suggestions and practical ways that you can begin and engage in conversations with the lost. Some are common, some are specific, some are creative, some may need to be adapted to your particular context. But whatever the case may be, speak of His excellencies and go "fishing for men" ! Open your mouth to someone tell them what God has done for your soul (Ps 66.16) Give someone a gospel tract and say: this changed my life, may I share this with you? Have family worship every day in your home. Open your Bible, read a portion (a chapter, section) and then discuss it. Sing a hymn that extols God and His gospel. Then pray together and reflect on the gospel as a family. In doing this, the powerful Word and the glorious gospel will be regularly brought before ea