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Preach the Word! 25-Articles on Preaching [eBook]

As we've journeyed through the Summer Expository Preaching Class with the men of Christ Fellowship Bible Church, I've endeavored to compile many of the thoughts into twenty-five brief essays all related to the topic of expository preaching. Download the eBook — Preach the Word! 25-Articles on Preaching. More resources on preaching at or at the CFBC website.

Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes & Its Cure

The statistics are overwhelming... Many pastors just, well, "burn out." What can be done? Can anything be done? I wrote an article on Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes & Its Cure : "What is a pastor to do when feeling “exhausted and depleted”? Should pastors entering the ministry do so on the assumption that they will one day burn out and throw in the towel? Where can such tired ministers turn? Where can discouraged shepherds go for the shepherding of their own souls? The issue of pastoral burnout must be understood in the context of five important factors, each of which is directly related to gospel ministry." The article is here:

Daily Issues in the Life of a Pastor [10-part audio blog]

10-part audio blog: "Daily issues in the life of the pastor" AUDIO = Topics include: "Describe your... 1. prayer life 2. studies 3. home life 4. weekly priorities/schedule 5. the training of leaders (leadership development) 6. evangelism 7. elder-meetings 8. Sunday routine in preparing for corporate worship 9. discipling of children 10. fellowship & accountability