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Preparing to Actively "Minister" in Sunday Worship

Preparing to actively “minister” in Sunday worship Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church This is a letter written to the members of CFBC to encourage them and seek to help them think broadly and widely about "ministering" to one another when the saints gather together on Sundays. Perhaps there may be elements of this that others may be able to incorporate in their particular contexts and local churches. 1. Get rest — Get plenty of sleep on Saturday night (even though we don’t worship early on Sunday mornings) and remember that the whole day belongs to the Lord and we would do well to devote this day to the worship of God individually, with our families, and corporately with CFBC. This corporate worship is one of the greatest gift Christ gives to us. Let’s be rested and alert to both give to Him and to one another and to receive from Him every time we gather together. 2. Read the text — Take the weekly preparation email (sent out on Fridays) and read th