Friday, November 2, 2007

Kenneth Gangel has an article entitled, The marks of a healthy church.

From the beginning, he noted that “Churches must face the future with total dependence on the sovereignty of God and the power of His Word, while being careful to avoid marrying the spirit of this age and becoming a widow in the next” (p.467).

Oftentimes, churches are measured in spiritual terms, follow biblical patterns of ministry, are based on theological foundations, focus on a ministry model, and adopt scriptural methods of leadership.

He says: “Church health does not begin with evangelism or missions – though both must follow. Biblical church health begins with a Christ-centered, Bible-centered congregation determined to be in their personal, family, and corporate life precisely what God wants of them, and it makes no difference whether their number is fifteen, fifteen hundred, or fifteen thousand” (p.470).

He concludes the article by wisely acknowledging, “Current thinking says that health in a church does not occur without contemporary and cutting-edge approaches to ministry. However, churches will never become spiritually healthy merely by means of paradigms or programs. The biblical commitments of each congregant, each leader, and each denominational official must first target God’s priorities and then allow Him to produce in those churches what He wants – from the inside out” (p.477).

You can read this article yourself here (it is 4th from the bottom).

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