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Preaching & Equipping Class with the CFBC Men (St Louis) — "Prophesyings"

How can we continue to grow at, equip, work together, and excel as men of God who want to know the Word and be skilled in preaching God's Word faithfully. It was in the Puritan era that the " Prophesying meetings" gained steam and notoriety.  These were simply "preaching services."  A text would be given to numerous preachers who would then ALL prepare and preach a brief message on that particular text.  Then, after a few of the men preached, the rest present would analyze, respond to, & provide encouragements and helps for improvements. So, I was thinking of how we could train/equip and grow together as men of Christ Fellowship Bible Church (and others who may be interested).  Why don't we plan to do something like this over the course of the summer: We'll plan to meet on Saturday mornings at CHRIST FELLOWSHIP BIBLE CHURCH SANCTUARY from 7:00AM - 8:30AM. DATES *Tentatively Scheduled*             TEXTS                         Saturday, May 27  

The Privilege and Blessings of Motherhood.

The Privilege and Blessings of Godly Motherhood. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church No higher calling exists for mothers than to teach the glories of God and the gospel of Christ.   This essay provides 5 specific privileges and blessings of godly motherhood. 1) Intentional. The wonderful grace of motherhood calls upon mothers to be intentional. Mothers must be intention in how they live, how they communicate, how they model, how they probe deep to the heart, and how they point to Calvary. Coasting cannot occur in the calling of motherhood. Mothers must find themselves regularly calling upon God for mercy and wisdom so as to intentionally live for Christ and point the souls of their children to His gospel. 2) Instructional. Motherhood requires instruction. No one should underestimate the high importance of instructing the children in the word of God and in the ways of the Lord. No greater privilege exists for a woman of God than to lead the children to the Lord so

Thank God for Your Trials.

Thank God for your trials. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Trials. We talk about them. To varying degrees and with various intensities, we all go through them. The Lord instructs His people to rejoice at all times. Furthermore, believers are told to give thanks in all circumstances. But to the natural mind, and even to the converted mind while undergoing the trial, thanking God and suffering in trials just don’t seem to belong together. They seem opposite. It often feels better to say, “when I come out alright on the other side of this suffering, then I’ll give thanks to God.” But it’s hard for me to thank God during the trial. And harder still, how am I supposed to thank God for the particular trial that He has put in my life? Why should you thank God for your trials? I’ll provide 5 reasons. 1. Because trials humble you. The genesis of all sins is pride. Pride is that monster, that mad and baseless thing that exists in every single heart of men. And God most grac

How a Pastor Loves His Flock.

How a Pastor Loves His Flock. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church The measure of a pastor’s love for God is directly linked to his deliberate care for Christ’s sheep. That’s what the Lord told Peter after Peter affirmed his love for Christ. The Lord said: “shepherd my sheep” (John 21.16). So, how can a pastor love Christ? By loving Christ’s church. How, then, can a pastor love his flock well? In this essay, I’ll provide 8 helpful ways. 1. By preaching Christ to them. A pastor’s preeminent duty in the ministry consists in the regular feeding of God’s people with the Word. A steady diet of biblical truth must exude from the pulpit of a healthy church. The pastor loves his flock well when he preaches Christ to them and constantly, prayerfully, and tirelessly points them away from themselves and this world to Christ Jesus, the Lord. No Christian should ever underestimate the divine power that attends the faithful heralding of the Word of God. If a pastor does all else but

Are You Prepared to Suffer?

Are you prepared to lose your job, social relationships, and comforts for your identification with Christ & His gospel? Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church The Apostle Paul provides a wonderful example of God’s grace working in a man even while going through hardships. Paul stated that believer can be sorrowful, yet always rejoicing (2 Cor 6.10). Suffering and hardship is not something Christians can opt out of or choose to steer clear of. Rather, the Bible portrays believers as being destined for afflictions of various kinds and sorts. Child of God, are you prepared to lose your job, social relationships, and manifold comforts because of your identification with Jesus Christ and your commitment to His gospel? 1. The COST of following Christ. Let us not forget that Christ demands everything. Every person must count the cost because following Christ requires everything a person has. If one does not love Christ supremely, he cannot be His disciple. If one does not