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Ideas for Prayer During Family Worship in Training the Children on How to Pray

Ideas for Prayer During Family Worship in Training the Children on How to Pray Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Family worship may be defined as the regular coming together of a family to worship God in song, in reading the Word, and in prayer. It doesn’t have to be long. Nor does it have to be flashy. It shouldn’t be a sermon; nor should it be boring and dull. Family worship should be done by every Christian household because God deserves to be worshiped, in our homes, by our families, led by fathers, every day. In this article, I want to provide some ideas for fathers in leading in the prayer portion of family worship so as to train the children on how to pray by employing different forms of prayer. Adoration —  God is to be adored and praised by His people. To adore God means that His people extol His greatness and speak of His power and might. Families may adore God by speaking of His attributes and praising Him for who He is and what He has done. Triune

Praying for the Preaching of the Word.

Praying for the Preaching of the Word Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church The high point of every week for a Christian rests in the public proclamation of Holy Scripture. This comprises the full meal that God provides for His people to sustain them, encourage them, reprove them, and comfort their souls till the next gathering. The preaching of the Word may be likened to going to a market. When God’s people gather together and hear the Word expounded, it is like the market day for the soul when the supply of spiritual food is richly and amply provided and the shelves are full of goods to nourish the child of God till the next feast day. If the Word preached has such a high place of importance in the Christian life, we must pray for the preaching of the Word. This essay serves to provide seven simple aids to your prayers for the preaching. 1. Pray for UNCTION. Preaching accomplishes good only in so far as the Spirit of God attends the going forth of divine truth with

I Love My Church!

I LOVE MY CHURCH. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church I love the church. Christ is the Head over His church. He rules. He leads. He is our captain, our guard, our preserver, our protector and our provider. He saved us and He secures us. I absolutely love the church. If I could say this: I love my  church. I don't mean that they belong to me; rather, I love the particular local assembly in which God has privileged me to shepherd and serve. I love the place where God has me. Perfect? No -- because I'm there! Is it without sin?  No -- because I'm still there! But I love the flock of God which has been chosen by God, beloved by Christ, quickened by the Spirit and which thus zealously desires to engage in good deeds. I love the church. This certainly is not exhaustive, but I want to provide 8 simple, brief reasons WHY I LOVE THE CHURCH. I love the church because it is… 1. An assembly of believers bought with the blood of Christ. The church consists of the comm

Audio-Commentary on the Mission of Christ Fellowship Bible Church (St. Louis, Missouri)

We've put together 7 brief audio clips providing a commentary on Christ Fellowship Bible Church 's mission statement: CFBC exists to glorify God by preaching the Word, evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, and obeying Jesus Christ, all by the power of the Spirit.  7-part audio fleshing out 'who we are' at CFBC— 1. We exist...  |  listen 2. To glorify God  |  listen 3. By preaching the Word  |  listen 4. Evangelizing the lost  |  listen 5. Discipling the saved  |  listen 6. Obeying Jesus Christ  |  listen 7. All by the power of the Spirit  |  listen Here is the link to all of the AUDIOS here: