Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Creative Evangelism Suggestions
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church (CFBCSTL.org)

In these strange times in which we live, here are some creative evangelism suggestions for you. Take one, or two, or more, or create other ways to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost!

1. Rock Evangelism
Consider finding a rock with a smooth surface where you could use a permanent marker or paint-pen and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ is simple form. Then, you could place it on a public sidewalk, near the corner of a driveway of a neighbor’s home, by the base of a tree in a public area, on a park bench, or at a bus stop. Consider how simple this is.  Find a smooth stone, find a short Bible verse or gospel-laden phrase and write it clearly on the stone and then prayerfully place it in a strategic area! O to think of how the Lord may use this “proclamation of the gospel” for His glory. One dear lady in our local church has latched on to this and brought this creative form of evangelism to my attention! What a profitable way to spend the time, to proclaim the gospel, and pray for a rich harvest over the seeds sown. Families and children can do this too!

2. Door to Door
Now that many people seem to be home from work, home from school, and spending much time indoors, consider going through your local neighborhood and knocking on doors. You could tell them that you are going to neighbors offering to pray for them (and then do it then and there!), offer to give them a gospel tract that clearly explains the gospel, and proclaim the hope of the sure cure of the greatest disease known to man (not the Coronavirus, but sin!). Then, offer to provide any help or assistance if they need any. May the Lord allow many doors to be opened and many opportunities for the seeds of the gospel to go deeply into the soil of men’s hearts!

3. Go to a local park and hand out tracts to folks & offer to pray for them.
Just this morning I was out for my normal prayer walk at a local park and it was packed! P.A.C.K.E.D! The weather is a bit warmer and with no rain, the people are out! Consider stuffing your pockets with a handful of tracts and as people walk by you or are sitting near you on a bench, offer to give them the best news that they could ever read today! Indeed, you may even consider asking folks if you could pray for them in any way. Find the playground and perhaps there will be a mother or father there watching the kids. Perhaps you can offer a tract to the parent. May the Lord work mightily through you as you sow the seeds of the gospel even at a local park.

4. Tract parking lots
Do I need to even mention how busy the grocery store parking lots are? How about Wal-Mart or Costco? What if you take a few hundred tracts and go through the aisles and put a gospel tract on the driver’s side window right above the door handle.  (Don’t put it on the windshield under a wiper.)  Think of how many cars you could reach and how many people will find the tract when they go to open their car door and sit inside and read the tract.  May God advance His gospel!

5. Write a gospel letter
Is there someone you’ve been praying for?  Perhaps this is a providential occasion for you to write or type a letter to a loved one, or a relative, or a co-worker.  You could email it, or text it, or snail-mail it to them.  Write a letter that clearly explains the hope of the gospel and how you have no fear of the future (or the present!) because of the great power, care, and sovereignty of Jesus Christ the King! Explain what the King did for unworthy sinners! Adore the Savior! Call them to come and trust the Savior to receive eternal life — as a free gift! Invite them to contact you for follow up, or with any questions, or to study the Bible together. Consider the power of letters: many of the New Testament books were letters. Never underestimate how God could use His Word in written form as you prayerfully send a letter to a friend. Pray over it. Send it. Trust God!

6. Write a handwritten note to a neighbor and offer to serve them tangibly, practically & include the gospel.
Maybe you have some elderly folks in your neighborhood. Maybe you have a widow or a single person who lives next door, or on your street?  Consider writing them a brief hand-written letter offering to serve them. Do they need a meal? Do they need groceries? Is there something around the house that they need help with? Do they need help taking the trash cans out to the street? Or retrieving their mail?  Offer to help them in any way and when you knock on the door to deliver the letter, see how the Lord may allow you to present the gospel to them (verbally) or you could offer to leave a gospel tract with them that clearly communicates the gospel.

7. Go to a planned parenthood and pray, hold up a sign (they’re still open & murdering children)
Lots of places have shut down temporarily or haulted business for a brief season — schools, restaurants, bars, businesses. But, unfortunately and tragically, abortion mills still remain open. The murder of children still continues. Planned Parenthood still is engaging in the murder of the unborn children.  Consider taking an hour or two this week (or each day/morning) and going to your local women’s clinic/Planned Parenthood and standing in front and praying. Consider holding up a sign that says: “BABIES ARE MURDERED HERE!”  Consider writing a sign that says: “WE WILL ADOPT YOUR BABY.” Consider calling out to men and women as they get out of their vehicle and pleading with them to not murder their children but to turn from their sin to Christ for salvation and to save their baby! How can you use this time to redeem it for the glory of God and for the deliverance of the unborn children? May God help us.

Even as a family — as a couple, with children (or grand-children), you could do these! Prayerfully think through being creative in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ during this season in which we live! 
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