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Duties of Christian Wives [19-part e-Book]

Here is the link to the recent 19-part eBook on Duties of Christian Wives that I completed. May the Lord use it to edify and build up Christian women in marriages for the glory of Christ.  Here are the articles: 1. submitting 2. following 3. affirming 4. respecting 5. speaking well of 6. working hard at home (Prov 31.31) 7. teaching children (& grand children) 8. discipling others 9. praying 10. adorning 11. fulfilling (sexually her husband) 12. guarding (the home that it's a godly, safe, warm, inviting, welcoming place for husband) 13. forgiving 14. worshiping 15. self-denying  (submit to husbands in everything) 16. trusting (in God as she follows/submits to her husband) 17. encouraging (her husband and others in her life) 18. wise (Prov 19.14; 31.25 - a prudent wife) 19. God-fearing (Prov 31.30) Download the eBook HERE . This is the counterpart to the Duties of Christian Husbands () which can be found HERE .

God-Honoring, Good Sex.

God-Honoring, Good Sex. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church God has given marriage to humankind for many reasons. Marriage serves to point to the great Marriage between Christ and His Bride, the Church. It is to be a catalyst for sanctification, a blessing of friendship, the means of procreation, a relationship of companionship, and a protection from fornication. In this essay, I want to address the biblical reality of the beauty of God-honoring and truly ravishing sex. This is the intimate coming together between a man and a woman within the covenant of marriage that brings God great glory. Far from being bad and something that must be shunned, Christian couples should seek to worship God at all times -- and that includes the marriage bed. So what does the Bible say about God-honoring, good, and enjoyable sex? How is it achieved? What needs to be understood? Is this really legitimate? In what follows, I’ll provide a few thoughts that will foster a high view o