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From Spurgeon: Do you often hear the salutation addressed to you by your brother Christian, "Friend, how doth thy soul prosper?" When we step into each other's houses, do we begin to talk concerning the cause and truth of God? Do you think that God would now stoop from heaven to listen to the conversation of his church, as once he did, when it was said, "The Lord hearkened and heard, and a book of remembrance was written for them that feared the Lord and that thought upon his name?" I solemnly declare, as the result of thorough, and, I trust, impartial observation, that the conversation of Christians, while it can not be condemned on the score of morality, must almost invariably be condemned on the score of Christianity. We talk too little about our Lord and Master. From his sermon from Habakkuk 3 on Spiritual Revival: The Want of the Church

The Distinctives of Christ Fellowship Bible Church | A New Course

Beginning this Sunday at CFBC , we will teach through many of the Distinctives of the Church. Join us at 4pm during the Family Bible Hour. The audios & handouts can be found here . OUTLINE OF TOPICS: 1. EXPOSITORY PREACHING 2. DISCIPLESHIP 3. PRAYER 4. CHURCH DISCIPLINE 5. BIBLICAL COUNSELING 6. HOMOSEXUALITY 7. ELDER/SHEPHERD LEADERSHIP 8. MALE LEADERSHIP in the HOME (biblical husbanding & fathering/complementarianism) 9. FAMILY WORSHIP 10. BIBLICAL CREATIONISM (6 24-hour days) 11. THE AWFUL MAJESTY OF GOD 12. AGGRESSIVE & ZEALOUS SANCTIFICATION 13. FUTURISTIC PREMILLENNIALISM 14. THE DOCTRINES OF GRACE 15. CHURCH MEMBERSHIP 16. THE IMPORTANCE OF BELIEVER'S BAPTISM 17. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LORD'S TABLE

Rise Mightily Against the First Sight of Sin!

John Owen counsels us: Rise mightily against the first sight of sin. Do not allow it to gain the smallest ground. Do not say, 'Thus far I shall go, and no farther.' If you allow it one step, it will take another. It is impossible to fix boundaries for sin! It is like water in a channel. If it ever breaks out, it will flow on through the breach. it is easier to sop it in the beginning than after it has begun to run. James teaches that sin is progressive (James 1:14-15). Do you find corruption beginning to entangle your thoughts? Rise up with all of your strength against it, as if it had already started to overcome you. Consider what an unclean thought desires. It desires to have you immerse yourself in folly and filth. If you do not in this way attack temptation, you will not win the battle. If sin gains ground in your affections so that you delight in it, your understanding will also come to think little of it. (John Owen, Mortification of Sin , [Banner of Truth, 2004],

The Kind of Man a Faithful Pastor/Elder Must Be

The Kind of Man a Faithful Pastor/Elder Must Be Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church 1. A PARDONED MAN The man must be saved. God’s grace must have pardoned him and atoned for his sins. The wrath of God must have been propitiated in and through the work of Jesus Christ on his behalf. He must enjoy the grace of God in salvation, bathe in the riches of Christ as his treasure, and strive to walk humbly and purely before God as he continues in the grace of God and in the mercy Lord Jesus Christ through the strength of the Holy Spirit. 2. A PRAYERFUL MAN A faithful church leader must commune with God in regular, frequent, and private prayer. A shepherd must seek and savor opportunities to quiet himself with God. To be alone with God excited this godly shepherd. To be diligent in prayer is to confess private sins, to adore the greatness of God, to meditate and marvel at the glory of the gospel, to thank God for His undeserved blessings, and to take hold of God in begging for

Hermeneutics — Interpret the Bible Rightly | a 12-part course at cfbc

Here is the 12-part series on Hermeneutics : the art and science of rightly interpreting the Bible . This was recently taught at Christ Fellowship Bible Church (in St Louis, Missouri). 1. Part 1: Hermeneutics: how to interpret the Bible | download 2. Part 2: Hermeneutics: the power & purpose of God's Word | download 3. Part 3: Hermeneutics: truths about the Bible and defining important terms | download 4. Part 4: Hermeneutics: observing the text | download 5. Part 5: Hermeneutics: interpreting the text, interpret normally and contextually | download 6. Part 6: Hermeneutics: interpret in view of culture, history, and literary genre | download 7. Part 7: Hermeneutics: understanding the analogy of Scripture | download 8. Part 8: Hermeneutics: interpreting parables and proverbs | download 9. Part 9: Hermeneutics: interpreting poetry and figures of speech | download 10. Part 10: Hermeneutics: interpreting symbols and types | download 11. Part 11: Hermeneutics: interpr

The Coming Millennial Kingdom

What will the coming kingdom on earth be like? It will be earthly , global , peaceful , filled with righteousness , and the LORD will reign with glory from Zion. Here are a few resources that may help as you read Scripture and grow in hope for this future kingdom on earth when Christ will rule over the nations. Psalm 72 — Handout with Outline and Supports for Premillennialism (=Future, Earthly, 1,000 Kingdom) A chart showing the order of events — futuristic premillennialism The importance of premillennialism, by Norman Geisler Premillennialism, by Richard Mayhue