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Explanation & Commentary on Christ Fellowship Bible Church's Order of Worship

Explanation & Commentary on CFBC’s Order of Worship Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church INTRODUCTION: At Christ Fellowship Bible Church [CFBC] we deliberately format the worship service so that all that takes place serves to exalt God, engage the mind, point to Jesus Christ, and edify the saints with the gospel of God’s sovereign grace. All that happens serves to enhance the revelation of God from His Word and then the believers’ response in worship. EXPLANATION: Though not every corporate worship gathering follows the exact same format, the following elements are included in the worship time. We spend time in prayer as we thoughtfully put this together so as to exalt God and edify His people. Announcements — This is placed at the beginning so the people can immediately hear what’s going on this upcoming week and if there are any practical needs that they need to be aware of. People need to arrive on time to hear the announcements. We have found this to be best a

A Call to Pastors: Keep the Hymns!

From James Montgomery Boice in his commentary on Psalm 136: "One of the saddest features of contemporary worship is that the great hymns of the church are on the way out.  They are not gone entirely, but they are going.  In their place have come trite jingles that have more in common with contemporary advertising ditties than the psalms.  The problem here is not so much the style of the music, though trite words fit best with trite tunes and harmonies; rather it is with the content of the songs. The old hymns expressed the theology of the Bible in profound and perceptive ways and with winsome, memorable language.  Today's songs are focused on ourselves.  They reflect our shallow or nonexistent theology and do almost nothing to elevate our thoughts about God. Worse of all are songs that merely repeat a trite idea, word, or phrase over and over again.  Songs like this are not worship, though they may give the church-goer a religious feeling; they are mantras, which belon

Discipling Children: Some Practical Thoughts.

Discipling Children Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church This brief write-up includes the 5 predominant features that we seek to incorporate in our family’s discipling and training of our children. We want them to know God, to behold Christ, to embrace the gospel, to forsake the things of this world, to live supremely for His glory -- regardless of the cost! I take each of our children out individually each week so I can instruct them in the Word of God & shepherd them toward God-glorifying conduct. So when we take each of our children out individually for ‘discipleship’, we incorporate the following elements. Prayer Every time we go out together for discipleship, I want my children to know one thing: we will pray. Indeed, we must pray! I want my children -- many years down the road -- to look back and remember one thing even if they’ve forgotten all else, that we prayed together every week. I teach them how to pray. Sometimes with the little ones, I’ll pray a phra

The Sovereign King: Soul-Ravishing Truths for Christians.

The Sovereign King soul-ravishing truths for Christians. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church The most comforting doctrine to my own heart is the sovereignty of God. That God reigns as the sovereign King over all stirs my heart to worship, humbles my soul with trembling, and comforts my being with assurance. The God of Scripture is absolutely sovereign over everything. And for that, He deserves all glory, honor, and praise. And for that, we must worship Him, trust Him, adore Him, enjoy Him, delight in Him, and live for His glory! 1. The Lord is the ETERNAL King.  God’s kingship never began nor shall it ever end. God rules as King as human leaders come and go. As the earth rotates and totters and as nations rise and fall, He remains constantly eternal, never changing, and never ending. 2. The Lord is the UNRIVALED King. God shares His kingship with no one. No one can rival Him for He alone rules over the infinite galaxies and over all gods. He is Lord over the nations a

How to Encourage Your Pastor.

How to Encourage Your Pastor Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Every pastor needs encouragement. The man in ministry who faithfully invests himself in the study of God’s Word, in the counsel of God’s people, in the shepherding of his family, and the diligent-examination of his own heart is a man desperately in need of encouragement. When David ran for his life from Saul, Jonathan came to David and, at one point, encouraged him in the Lord. What a marvelous example for all of us to follow! Let us go to one another and encourage them in the Lord. But how, practically, can you encourage your local pastor-shepherd(s)? 1. Live out the Word The first way that you can encourage your pastor consists of the simple truth of heeding what you’ve heard, doing what’s been declared, practicing what’s been preached. The servant of Christ who has preached the truth of God from the pulpit has worked hard in his study and in his proclamation. So it should be with every hearer.

A Pastor's Prayer on Monday

A Pastor’s Prayer on Monday Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Every pastor who faithfully studied the Word and exerted all his energy in proclaiming God’s Word faithfully on Sunday feels drained on Monday morning. Preaching God’s Word consists of one of the greatest, most noblest, privileges a man may have. So he preaches. He finishes. He greets people. He hears feedback from the service or sermon. He goes home. Then he goes to bed. His work is done. In all actuality, his work may be done, but the real sermonic application wrought in the soul by the Spirit of God continues. But what does he pray for on Monday? How should be pray? In this brief essay, I want to help by providing six ways that we as pastors might consider praying on Monday. 1. Pray with faith. Men of God pray with faith. Prayer without faith is like a conversation without believing the person to whom you’re talking is listening. To pray without faith is to distrust God. After the truth of God has thun