Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Today’s evangelism outing was thrilling from beginning to end. It was a last minute outing because the day we usually go out later in the week is forecasted to snow and sleet. So we decided to go out today. And praise God we did. It was beautiful, warm, and lots of people swarmed the streets. 

We had two men alternating the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the open air. Another CFBC member was on the sidewalk handing out tracts. 

Over the course of the time on the streets, a man approached me and began yelling in my face (all the while claiming to be a Christian) because we were too loud and passionate and urgent in our message.  

I met a woman who wanted nothing to do with me at first and then she said she doesn’t appreciate being told she’s a sinner. She said that you don’t make people feel good about themselves.  I began to speak patiently to her. I thanked her for her comments and her opinions. And I proceeded to speak of Jesus Christ, the only way of salvation, and the depravity in our hearts. Our conversation began very tense but it ended with a handshake. I told her that I cared for her and her soul and I genuinely wanted her to know Christ.  I trust I will see her again as she worked close by. 

There were other employees of the city that usually do not take tracts. But for some reason today, they did. We see many familiar faces from week to week as that has been our regular, weekly fishing hole for years.

A Chipotle worker was outside smoking a cigarette on his break and was glued to the preaching of the Word. He listened for the entire break and then waved at me as I preached the Word and then went back to his job.

Also, two police officers approached us and said that it was too loud and they asked if we would turn the amplifier down. I shook their hand, thanked them for what they do, and I cheerfully said: Of course! We will be happy to obey your request. They immediately walked away pleased. 

The Word of God went forth with great power and with great clarity today. It was loudly preached in the open air. We had lots of gospel conversations. Lots of tracts went out. 

It was a great day.  Do I know how many people God will save?  No, I don’t. But I do know that many, many folks heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and were summoned to turn from their sins while they have time and flee to Jesus Christ by faith alone for eternal life. Judgment day is coming. Their sin will be punished. We pleaded with them to come to Christ, God’s only provision, right now! 

It was a successful day on the streets. His soldiers were faithful. May God be glorified!
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