Wednesday, December 13, 2023



Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Pastor, Christ Fellowship Bible Church

You will not win the battle you find yourself unprepared for. And you surely will not prepare for battle if you stand aware that you’re in war! All Christians — and Christian men! — are in war. It is the war for sexual purity and the war for glorifying Christ and honoring Him with our sexuality. We live in a hyper-sexualized culture where intoxication with selfish sex in all of its forms bombards us, tempts us, lures us, and surrounds us. Christians must realize that you are in battle — for the glory of Christ, for the magnification of His fame. You must be aware that your enemy, Satan and his minions, wisely aims and hand-crafts temptations and fiery darts at the chinks in your armor. Be aware! You are, right now at this moment, in battle. 

So then, knowing that you are in battle is a necessary and vital first step. But you must prepare! If you go to battle unprepared, you surely cannot win. You must know your Enemy and prepare to face him. We are to prepare with prayer, with Scripture, and with protection. You must proactively prepare to face the Evil One with his tactics. You cannot go to the battle line unprepared, unprayed for, unfueled with the power of God’s Truth. Consider the devastating consequences that will surely follow if you permit sexual sin to have a place in your life. Prepare by building high and firm the battle walls with God’s Spirit and His Truth.

To win the battle, you must stand strong in the grace which God supplies. You must stand firm against the Devil by putting on the armor of God. You must take inventory of your life and consider your thoughts, your words, your conduct and ensure you are not deliberately or unwittingly putting yourself in temptation’s path. You should be daily in regular prayer and devotion to Christ in the reading of His Word. You should have God’s Word permeating your thoughts and spend time meditating on His Word. The best way to be armed for battle is with God’s provided armor, with His all-powerful Word consuming your thoughts. 

Turn away from temptation! Flee! Run! Go the other direction! You must stand strong and not give in! When the battle rages, you must run, like Joseph did. You must stand, like David did. You must rehearse Scripture, like Jesus did. Mercifully, God promises to give a way of escape. Find it and run on that path. Do not believe the alluring lies of the Devil in the moments of weakness. In the times of strength, take every precaution to prepare for the times of weakness that will come. Stand firm. Stand guarded!
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