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Why I Preach with an Open Bible.

WHY I PREACH WITH AN OPEN BIBLE. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Blogs and articles abound in promoting myriads of ideas relating to preaching and of being relevant to the audience and clever in the delivery. My commitment has been and will continue to be simple: to open the Bible, to read a biblical text, to explain that biblical text, to press home its application to the hearer’s heart, and to proclaim the saving gospel and call sinners to repent and believe. In doing this, I preach with an open Bible -- always. I’ve compiled a few reasons why I preach with an open Bible. 1. it conveys my only authority. When the preacher speaks, he has only one authority -- the voice of God that goes forth in the declaring of divine truth as it is sourced in the written Word. Other than that, the man has nothing to say. When I open my Bible and preach from it, it conveys to the congregation that my only authority to stand before them and speak is simply and solely is the writte

Husband, Affirm Your Wife.

HUSBANDS: AFFIRM YOUR WIVES! Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Just read The Song . Yes, open the book of Song of Solomon and marvel at how Solomon verbally affirmed his bride. And let this serve as a Spirit-inspired, divinely given model for godly men to speak affectionately, honestly, and encouragingly to their own wives. It may accurately be said that there is no example anywhere in all of Scripture of a husband and wife so passionately, tenderly, and edifyingly affirming one another to the glory of God! All things must be done for the upbuilding of God’s people. The Apostle Paul states this truth throughout 1 Corinthians 14. If this applies to the Christian church at large, how much more does this apply to Christian couples at home! Let all things be done for the edification of the saints. So, then, dear husbands, affirm your wives for their edification, for their strengthening, for their encouragement, for their upbuilding. It should be said at this point

Husband, Lead at Home in Repentance.

HUSBANDS: LEAD AT HOME IN REPENTANCE! Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Husbands should be the leading repenters in the home. This does not intimate that he does so merely to earn a prideful title. Rather, it means that out of every person in the home, the husband must be the one who leads the entire household in a proper understanding of God which will lead him to a proper understanding of self which will then cause him to realize a deeper understanding of his sin which will then catapult him to a regular lifestyle of repentance. The husband must lead his wife by repenting first. The husband should lead his family by repenting honestly, humbly, and quickly. This requires, however, that the man have a proper understanding of the biblical doctrine of repentance. Some suggest that repentance means no more than a change of ‘mind.’ Though repentance certainly includes a changing of the mind, true repentance always includes much more. To repent is the vomit of a soul

Husband, Learn Your Wife.

HUSBANDS: LEARN YOUR WIVES! Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Husbands must live with their lives in an understanding way (1 Pet 3:7). The Greek phrase for “an understanding way” literally could be translated, ‘ according to knowledge. ’ Every husband must dwell together with his wife in such a way that he knows her -- very well. That means, quite practically, that husbands must date (and continue to date!) their wives. The wedding ceremony doesn’t mean the work of learning one another has ceased. Rather, it only has launched! What does it look like for husbands to learn their wives? First, learn her intentionally . This means that the husband must actually try and remember that he must be deliberate and proactive in reaching her heart and learning more about her. Because, naturally, this won’t happen automatically. Men can so quickly fall into laziness and apathy which can be utterly catastrophic for a thriving and holy marriage relationship. Thus, the man mu

How to Actively Serve in Worldwide Missions Where You Are in Your Local Church.

How to actively serve in worldwide missions where you are in your local church. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church We must labor hard for the global spreading of the gospel because God’s heart is for the nations. He beckons the nations to worship Him! Indeed, He deserves worship from every creature that He has made. How can Christians who find themselves established in a season of life vocationally in a particular place, serving in a good ministry, and rooted with family in a particular city? How can a Christian actively serve in worldwide missions where they currently reside in the ministry context in which they already serve? The New Testament can simply be broken down into two imperatives: GO! or SEND! There are no additional options. Apathy is not permitted. It has been said that one either goes, or sends, or disobeys. Are you a goer? Are you a sender? James Fraser, a missionary to the Lisu people in China, wrote to his prayer partners back home, “I believe it wi

Husband, Love Your Wife.

HUSBANDS: LOVE YOUR WIVES! Love ! It might as well just be one of the most misunderstood words today. What is love? Songs are composed asking the question and countless lyric-poems seek to define what love is. But when God is not the root and when Christ is not the ultimate example and when the gospel is not the foundation, then all endeavors to define and explain love prove, in the end, to be fruitless and empty. True love is a self-sacrificial giving of oneself to another for their good regardless of how they respond. Who would do this? Honestly, who in their sane mind would embark in a lifestyle of love that is foundationally characterized by self-sacrifice and self-giving -- even if nothing comes in return! Who would do this? And where in the world can we go to see this modeled? We must turn to the ultimate one who is Love, God Himself. The Bible says that God is love (1 John 4:8). Indeed, God has loved His covenant-people with an ‘everlasting love’ and indeed He draws he

Husband, Lead Your Wife.

HUSBANDS, LEAD YOUR WIVES! LEAD ! How do you lead? Every husband is a leader. The question is not whether the man is a leader or not; rather, the question is, what kind of leader is he really? God calls the husband to lead his wife well and to do so with utmost integrity, faithfulness, care, and gentleness. And wonderfully, God has not left men without an example in this call to lead. Christ Jesus leads His own people just as a shepherd leads his own sheep. Christ died for His own and cares for them and leads them to pastures. Christ goes before His people and paves the way for them. He never calls them to do something that He Himself has not done. He would never demand a believer to do something that He is afraid to do. A leader leads by example. And yet, a leader leads with integrity. What does this mean? To lead well demands that one be truthful thoroughly and faithful perseveringly. A leader does not lie or stretch the truth. Nor does a leader give up when times are tough. Mor

Reasons Why Open Air Preaching Is Always Effective

REASONS WHY OPEN AIR PREACHING IS ALWAYS EFFECTIVE. by: Geoffrey R. Kirkland and Mike Stockwell Because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Because Christ’s Name is worthy to be exalted in the open air (public venues). Because the Word of God never returns to Him void and always accomplishes what God sends it out to do. Because the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword that pierces and divides. Because for some it hardens for judgment, for others it softens to salvation and still for others it encourages for growth in sanctification. Because preaching is the primary means by which God saves sinners. Because it delivers the one message of eternal life to spiritually dead souls. Because it is good news of Jesus Christ. Because it obeys the clear commands of God to preach the Word. Because the preacher heralds with absolute confidence that only God can save His elect. Because God’s sheep hear His voice, He knows them and He gives them eternal