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My Pastoral Prayer. Make Me a Holy Man.

My pastoral prayer  Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church (St Louis, Missouri) O Mighty God, Make me a man of of holiness.  Make me a man of...    1. Proclamation  O Truthful God, make me a man who proclaims the Word —   your Word — with greater power, passion, force, authority, and fidelity. I long to be used of the Lord as a faithful spokesman for His Word. I want to be a man full of the Word, endowed with the Spirit, and enflamed with holy love as I herald forth the Word of God, the whole counsel of God.     2. Power O God of might and power, make me a man of indomitable power. Enable me to do what I cannot do on my own. Take me to places and put me in situations where I am weak and impotent in myself and yet I find your all-enabling grace and divine power more than sufficient for my needs. Make me a man of power as I study, pray, preach, counsel, shepherd, visit, evangelize, and disciple. Make the ministry a powerful, unstoppable, effective, faithful ministry.    3. P

Four Reminders of My Pastoral Ministry [How I Pray & Counsel My Own Soul]

Four Reminders of My Pastoral Ministry.  Geoffrey R. Kirkland,  Christ Fellowship Bible Church  1. The motive - know Christ & preach Him The motive of my heart consists in knowing Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Paul said: I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. This passion consumed Paul. His heart throbbed with the glory of God and the knowledge of Christ. He pursued the Lord intimately and lived for God fully. The driving force and the compelling purpose of the life of a shepherd must be to know Christ and make Him known to others. Nothing less will keep a man going strong. The ultimate motive must continually consist in a relentless, unshakeable, and deepening knowledge and love for Jesus Christ.  2. The mission  - to preach the WORD (full counsel) My mission, given by God and clarified by Scripture, demands that I preach the Word of God. I am called to herald forth God’s Truth. To herald means that I cry out passionately, clearly, urgently

How You Can Actively Care for Your Fellow Members at Church

  HOW YOU CAN ACTIVELY CARE FOR YOUR FELLOW MEMBERS AT CHURCH Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church When the church welcomes in new members, we have another opportunity to express biblical love toward the saints. How can we practically and actively show loving care toward our fellow members in the local church?  What are some practical pieces of advice by way of implementation?  I’ll present five pieces of counsel. Print it & pray thru it. — When you receive the email with the updated membership directory listing all the names of the current members, you have a wonderful opportunity.  I would encourage you to print off multiple copies of the names of the members. When you print the list, you can put one copy in your Bible or by your desk for your morning Bible reading & prayer time. Perhaps you could put the other copy by your desk at work or in your car as you commute. God calls us to pray for the saints, all the saints. We are to show genuine love toward each o