Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tonight for our game time at youth group we are playing:

1. Everybody’s “IT” – It is the same as regular “tag,” except now everyone is “it.” So, when a person is tagged, he has to sit down and the last person who is “IT” wins! Should get them sweaty and tired after the first few minutes.

2. “Knots” – This is a the game where they all make a small circle to begin and put their hands in the middle. They have to grab on to another person’s hand (not their own) and the point of the game is to un-tangle so they can form a large circle. Yes, it can always be done without giving up.

3. “Line Soccer” – I will count off two teams and have them line up parallel to each other in our gym. Then I will number them off on each team. Then I will place a ball (or two, or three, whatever I decide) in the middle and call out a number. The person who has that number is to go to the middle and play one on one soccer against the other person and try to score in extra large goals. Meanwhile, the rest of the team who wasn’t called is playing goalie trying to keep the balls from going by.

Ah, the joys of being a youth pastor! :=)
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