Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What do all these men have in common? Well, probably many things. But one thing I am certain of is that they are all hanging on a wall in front of my desk where I study and prepare sermons. It is as if they are hovering over me as I prepare. I have the years and centuries of Godly expositors and exegetes of God's Word looking over me as I study, pray and write.

This is not my motive for preparing a good sermon. But it sure helps knowing that you've got five of the best expositor's in history looking down at you as you prepare a sermon.

To God be the Glory!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Geoff!

Sounds like you and Steve Lawson have much in common.

Hope you're feeling better. Mom and I are praying for you!



Geoffrey Kirkland said...

Well... I'm ready to preach, but we'll see if the "voice" is...

Not sure how it'll come out!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

What are you a Roman Catholic? If this is not veneration of the Saints, then I don't know what is!


Geoffrey Kirkland said...


Not RC, just serious about getting the text "right."

Much love, Sean.

Anonymous said...

Where's my picture? Just Kidding...good thought!

Geoffrey Kirkland said...


I'm working on it today :=)

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