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Let the LORD be magnified. A meditation on Psalm 40:16

The LORD Be Magnified! [ יִגְדַּל יְהוָה ] Meditation on Psalm 40:16 Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church The Scripture declares that all who seek the Lord should rejoice in Him and say continually: “The Lord be magnified” (יִגְדַּל יְהוָה; yigdal Yahweh ) This brief meditation strives to provide a number of specific reasons why believers must remember this chorus continually. Because You Rejoice in God. The text declares that those who ‘rejoice and are glad’ in the Lord should be those who acclaim the magnification of God. Believers should rejoice in God because he inclines and hears our cries (Ps 40:1), he rescues us (v.2), and puts a new song in our mouths (v.3). The Lord deserves the highest praise and worship because the wonders He has done are innumerable (v.5). Thus, those who have been delivered by God, who have a new song in their mouth because of the newly revealed grace fully unveiled in the Lord’s salvation should rejoice heartily in God and proclaim His

Behold the many acts of God! Psalm 40:5

Cast abroad your eyes through the nations, and meditate on the mighty acts which he hath done, and the wisdom and power of his providence, which should charm all thy affections. Behold his admirable patience, with what pity he looks down on obstinate rebels; and how he is moved with compassion when he sees his creatures polluted in their blood, and bent upon their own destruction; how long he waits to be gracious; how unwillingly he appears to give up with sinners, and execute deserved vengeance on his enemies; and then with what joy he pardons for 'with him is plentous redemption.' And what can have more force than these to win thy esteem, and make a willing conquest of thy heart? so that every object about thee is an argument of love, and furnishes fuel for this sacred fire. And whether you behold God in the firmament of his power, or the sanctuary of his grace, you cannot miss to pronounce him 'altogether lovely.' —William Dunlap

Kill Your Treasured Sin!

Kill Your Treasured Sin! Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church A believer no longer lives under the dominating power of sin. The death of Christ has freed him from the condemnation of sin, the power of sin, and the penalty of sin. At the same time, every believer understands that the Christian life demands nothing less than an aggressive zealousness for pursuing sanctification until glorification dawns. So how do believers kill sin? How do Christians kill sin? The power resides within the believer — through the enabling power, grace & strength of God the Holy Spirit — to overcome sin and to kill sin. Not only is the power available to every believer to overcome sin but he must strive to be killing sin in his life. So the question remains, how does the man of God kill sin? If a cherished sin has a home in a corner of one’s life, how does he slaughter that treasured sin? A few helpful thoughts will provide help for how to kill sin. 1. Meditate on Death. One motivat

Thoughts for Young Men on Finding a Godly Wife.

From JC Ryle: If you ever marry, it is more than probable you will choose a wife among the connections of your friends. If Jehoshaphat’s son Jehoram had not formed a friendship with Ahab’s family, he would most likely not have married Ahab’s daughter. And who can estimate the importance of a right choice in marriage?  It is a step which, according to the old saying, ‘either makes a man or mars him.’ Your happiness in both lives may depend on it. Your wife must either help your soul or harm it: there is no medium. She will either fan the flame of religion in your heart, or throw cold water upon it, and make it burn low. She will either be wings or fetters, a rein or a spur to your Christianity, according to her character. He that findeth a good wife doth indeed ‘find a good thing;’ but if you have the least wish to find one, be very careful how you choose your friends. From Thoughts for Young Men (from Ryle's book: The Upper Room [Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1970], 407)

The Hell of Sin & The Heaven of Mercy!

From James Smith : Before conversion...  "I had no good desires--no holy aspirations--no redeeming qualities. I was a rebel against God's government--and a traitor against God's crown!

I would have destroyed God if I could--and blotted His name out of creation! The language of my heart and life was, "No God for me!" My heart was filled and fired with enmity against Him, and at times I could have cursed Him to His face!
 I hated His law.
I despised His gospel. 
I abhorred His people. 
If I could--I would have crushed His cause! How astonishing that such a wretch was allowed to live! How astonishing that God had not crushed me by His power, and sentenced me to Hell! But, O the patience and the sovereign grace of God! He bore with me. He loaded me with His benefits. He determined to win me with His love. Nevertheless I sinned yet the more, and provoked Him with my ungodly conduct. O how surprising that I am not in Hell! Surely there are many already in Hel