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A Catechism for Teaching Youth

Here's the catechism that we use at Christ Fellowship Bible Church for teaching our young people theology: Download: Some introductory remarks: 1.The duty falls upon all Christian parents to diligently teach their children biblical truths (Deut 6:4-9; Ps 78:1-8) 2. Parents can incorporate this catechism in the regular family worship times (Eph 6:4) 3. Parents should diligently review these catechism questions regularly (Eph 6:4; Ex 12:24-26; Heb 10:3; Lev 16:34) 4.The parents can work on the specific catechism questions that are taught at the CFBC catechism class for that particular week so the child can be adequately prepared for the instruction. 5. If theological questions arise in discussing these with the family, the parents should contact the elders of the church for help, biblical instruction, and shepherding through various theological topics.   Download: