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The Lord's Supper: A Glorious Communion Feast With the Risen Savior

Christ Fellowship Bible Church (St Louis, MO) has just completed a three-part teaching series on the Lord's Supper. MEDIA Part 1 - The MEANING of the Lord's Supper  ( listen | download ) Part 2 - The PREPARATION for the Lord's Supper ( listen | download ) Part 3 - The SUBJECTS/PARTICIPANTS of the Lord's Supper ( listen | download ) ARTICLES 1. The Lord's Supper | A Philosophy of Ministry Paper of Christ Fellowship Bible Church 2. Children & the Lord's Supper | A Position Paper at Christ Fellowship Bible Church 3. Some Blessed Understandings When the Christian Participates in the Lord's Supper FURTHER RESOURCES More articles & write-ups

Counsel to Those Looking for a New Church

Counsel to Those Looking for a New Church Geoffrey R. Kirkland It seems to be commonplace for people to be looking for new churches these days. With job transfers, moves, students heading away to college, and others who are looking for a new church for any host of reasons, people often find themselves on the hunt for a new church. But how should one undertake this journey? Are there some helps that can guide folks in this search for a biblical church? This brief write-up will provide some counsel for those looking for a new church. 1. PRAY MUCH, PRAY BIBLICALLY, PRAY FERVENTLY, AND PRAY SPECIFICALLY. Dealing with the precious and beloved Bride of Christ is no trivial matter. Christ died for His Bride and He jealously loves her, longs for her love and devotion in return, and promises to guard and keep her from the evil one. Since this is the case, in looking for a church, don’t treat your search for a church like a ‘buffet line’ where you pick and choose some things that suit your ta

Roman Catholic Doctrine — Toward a Proper, Biblical Understanding.

A few months ago, Christ Fellowship Bible Church (St Louis) conducted a 5-part series on Roman Catholic Doctrine. This series shows how many of the cardinal Catholic doctrines attack the biblical gospel. 1. Roman Catholic Doctrine Attacks the Sufficiency of Scripture ( listen | download )  2. Roman Catholic Doctrine Attacks the Sufficiency of Jesus' Death ( listen | download ) 3. Roman Catholic Doctrine Attacks the Singularity of God's Gospel ( listen | download ) 4. Roman Catholic Doctrine Attacks the Sanctity of Christ's Church ( listen | download ) 5. Roman Catholic Doctrine Attacks the Severity of God's Judgment ( listen | download )

The Posture of Worship — It May Not Be Everything; But It Is Something.

The Posture of Worship —  It May Not Be Everything; But It Is Something Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church New Testament believers quickly assert that worship of the one, true God no longer is limited to a particular location as it was in the days of Old Testament Israel. In former times, God required that His people worshiped Him in the place He so chose. Jewish men had to make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem three times a year for the Jewish feasts. Christians today boldly and rightly assert that that those who worship God must worship Him in “spirit and in truth”. Christ has come and has died so that His people, Spirit-indwelt believers, may approach the Father at any time and at any place. Nevertheless, though God does not required a certain place or posture of worship as He spoke to ancient Israel, is there still benefit in worshiping God in various biblical postures? One would be unable to point to one verse in the Scriptures to command all believers to worship in