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The Office of Overseer in the Church

The Office of Overseer in the Church Geoffrey R. Kirkland     First Timothy 3:1 gives a simple statement regarding key ingredients of the office of overseer in the local church.  Here are a few of the key takeaways from the verse.   

College Student: 5 Thoughts On How To Use Your Summer

STUDENT:  HOW TO USE YOUR SUMMER  Geoffrey R. Kirkland Pastor, Christ Fellowship Bible Church  Sermons   |  Podcasts   |  Articles   Student : here is some pastoral counsel from me to you. Let these *articles of advice* get you thinking about how you can spend your summer so you don’t waste it, but use it well for God’s glory.  5 articles of advice: 1. Rest But Stay Diligent  Whether you stay around your campus for summer work or if you travel home (or somewhere else), make it your aim to rest and enjoy summertime while at the same time diligently doing what God has called you to do — work!  Aim to do all that you do for God’s glory, while at home, with friends, on the job, or traveling. So then: work, sleep, enjoy the summer but don’t fall into laziness. Have fun and engage with friends but don’t sit in front of the TV all day. Don’t binge watch movies all day. Don’t waste the precious gift of time God has given you. Be diligent. Have a plan. Be thoughtful. Have a schedule. Plan and