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Pastors Should Beware of These Common Dangers.

Pastors Should Beware of These Common Dangers. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Satan is a roaring lion seeking those whom he may devour. To be sure, he is chained and unable to spiritually destroy believers. Nevertheless, the chained monster hungrily pursues ministers of God and preachers of the Word so as to discourage them, discredit them, defile them, or distract them. Because of the cleverness of our great enemy and because of the proneness of our hearts to exercise little trust in God and wander into sin, all pastors must beware of these common dangers. Though not exhaustive, I’ll list five of the most common dangers to pastors. 1. Prayerlessness. Honestly, prayer is hard. When else do you find (or make!) the time to be still, be quiet, be undistracted, and *fight* to be alone, quiet, focused, and passionate? In our unstoppably busy age and with our ever-increasing satisfaction that comes at amazing warp-speeds, one of the most difficult duties of the pastor

The Core Tenets of Biblical Counseling.

The Core Tenets of Biblical Counseling Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Consider the following characteristics that should have a place in the life of every healthy local church: Counseling One Another Loving one another Reproving one another Warning one another Bearing the burdens of one another Edifying one another Encouraging one another Serving one another Instructing one another Maybe you read those and thought to yourself that you’re doing those. You see others doing these things in your church. It goes far beyond the pastor or the elders in your church because there are many men and women who are helping each other in love and with biblical fidelity grow in Christlikeness. And truly, all of these biblical phrases have a part to play in biblical counseling relationships as one Christian helps another Christian walk in a Christ-honoring way through life.   WORKING DEFINITION: Biblical counseling is the skilled application of God's sufficient W

What's a Christian? One Who Is Speechless.

Some helpful words from Martyn Lloyd Jones answering the question: What is a Christian? "You are not a Christian unless you have been made speechless!  How do you know whether you are a Christian or not?  It is that you 'stop talking.'  The trouble with the non-Christian is that he goes on talking. . . . People need to have their mouths shut, 'stopped'.  They are for ever talking about God, and criticizing God, and pontificating about what God should or should not do, and asking 'Why does God allow this and that?' You do not begin to be a Christian until your mouth is shut, is stopped, and you are speechless and have nothing to say"   ( in Lloyd-Jones, Romans: Exposition of Rom 3:20-4:25 [Grand Rapids: Zondervan], 19). Truth.