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Sitting Through the Sermon ... Some Encouragements.

Sitting through the Sermon — Some Encouragements. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church When God speaks amazing things happen. Mountains quake. Winds blow. Rain falls. Souls receive eternal life. Armies are put to flight. The voice of God thunders with unstoppable force and supernatural power. When the man of God takes the Bible and speaks God’s Word faithfully it is truly a remarkable event when God addresses His people through the mouthpiece of a man. In every sermon there are two preachers: the human mouth and the divine voice. This essay provides some helpful encouragements for the people of God as they gather and sit through sermons every week.
 1. Take Your Bible. As a sailor would never leave without the map, so the Christian should not journey to church without his Bible. As the soldier would carry and utilize his weapons, so the Christian must carry and utilize his Bible. The cook needs his utensils, the accountant needs his computer, so the Christian needs hi

Training Your Children to Sit in Corporate Worship

Here are some helpful resources that we have found to encourage the flock at Christ Fellowship -- especially families with young children -- regarding the matter of intentionally training and patiently working toward having the children worship in 'big church.' 1) Should Children Sit Through Big Church -- AskPastorJohn podcast 2) 9 Practical Ways to Invite Your Children into Corporate Worship -- Radical 3)  Training Your Children in the Home to Sit Still in the Pew -- Pastor Geoff 4) What Can Children Get Out Of Church?  -- Scott Brown May these resources be helpful as we encourage families to worship together. It's hard. It's laborious. Sometimes it feels like a trainwreck (with an explosion). But over the course of time, may the Lord in His great mercy, bring about great results from intentionally seeking to worship the Lord together -- even with our small children.

The Christian's Mission.

The Christian's Mission: Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Some thoughts on what every Christian’s mission is by virtue of the fact that he is a follower of Christ. Whether one is a pastor, a carpenter, a banker or a stay at home mom with small children, what is the mission for every Christian? What is it that God calls every child of His to do? How should believers think of themselves? What should saints busy themselves in doing during the brief time of stay on earth? In a word, many often ask, ‘what is my purpose, or my mission?’ Your Mandate. The risen Christ appeared to His followers and told them that as the Father has sent Him so also does Christ send them (John 20:21). The Savior Himself provides the mandate for all of His followers. He tells all disciples of His to go and make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19). He elsewhere says that repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in His name to all the nations (Luke 24:47). The mandate comes

Read the Bible as Your Spiritual Food [Directions for Profitable Bible-Reading]

Read the Bible as Your Spiritual Food Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church The Bible is given by God to believers for their good and for their edification. The Scriptures reveal God, expose sin, highlight Christ, and demand repentance and faith. So how can believers read the Bible and profit from it? How can children of God read God’s Word as spiritual food and nourishment for the soul? This essay will provide a number of directions for believers. Christian, read your Bible... DAILY. The Bible speaks of the itself as the spiritual food for believers. Just as people eat meals daily so children of God must feast upon heavenly bread daily. Christ is worthy of our contemplation and worship and study every single day. So feast daily upon His Word to know God, follow God, love God, and obey Him. You can’t read the Bible too much. PRIORITY. Before meeting with men, believers would do well to meet with God. Men are ready to meet with men after meeting with God but before a Ch

The Beauty & Glory of God the Spirit

The Beauty & Glory of God the Spirit Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church The gospel of Luke says that the Lord Jesus rejoiced greatly in the Holy Spirit (Luke 10:21). The blessed Savior understood the beauty and glory of God the Spirit. He enjoyed full and sweet communion with the everlasting Comforter. How can believers find consolation from the third Person of the Triune Godhead? This essay provides 10 towering truths to bless the believer's soul. The Holy Spirit... Is FULLY DIVINE IN BEAUTY, ESSENCE, & in ATTRIBUTES The Bible refers to the Holy Spirit with the same attributes as the Father and the Son. The Spirit is a Person which indicates that He enjoys the features of personhood: intellect, wisdom, emotions, communicative abilities. The Spirit, as God, is gloriously perfect in beauty and in His essence and in all the divine attributes of Godhood that He perfectly, everlastingly and wondrously enjoys. Is a COMFORTER In tragic times of pain and confusi

What Must We Do Today to Prepare for Suffering?

What Must We Do Today to Prepare for Suffering? Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church How can Christians in the West prepare for suffering? All believers everywhere must form a theology of suffering, including children of God sitting in comfort and enjoying many of the freedoms of religion (for now). How must Christians prepare today for the persecution tomorrow? What can be done?  This essay provides 4 vital keys. 1. Know. Everything starts with the knowledge of God. Christians must strive to know God. Not just theological terms and concepts and theories, but God Himself. Theories and methods wane and lose their glisten over time. But the study of God never grows old and men of God never tire of studying deeply the beauties and glory of God. To know God rightly, believers must know Scripture. God is to be sought through His sufficient and complete revelation of Himself contained in the 66-books of the Bible. Thus, we must strive earnestly and labor hungrily to

Expository Preaching - Summer Class at Christ Fellowship Bible Church

Expository Preaching - a summer intensive class at Christ Fellowship Bible Church. THE COURSE OUTLINE: 1. Preaching & preparing the man (holiness) 2. Preaching & desperate prayer 3. Preaching & proper hermeneutics 4. Preaching & crafting the outline 5. Preaching & elements of the sermon (exegesis) 6. Preaching & delivering the message (homiletics) 7. Preaching & God's sovereignty (dependence) Full PDF course notes:   Audio/mp3 lectures: More at