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The greatness of God's mercy.

Charles Spurgeon comments on Psalm 57:10: Psalm 57:10 For Your lovingkindness is great to the heavens And Your truth to the clouds. It is not said merely that it is high as heaven, but great unto the heavens. It is high as the heavens, over-topping the greatest sin, and highest thought of man. It is wide as the far-reaching sky, compassing men of all ages, countries, classes, etc. It is deep . Everything of God is proportionate; this, therefore, is deep in abiding foundation, and infinite wisdom. (Spurgeon, Treasury of David , 1/2:487).

The Mission, Pillars & Vision of Christ Fellowship Bible Church

In December, during the 4:00pm Family Bible Hour , we plan to have a 5-part series reviewing, remembering, and exhorting us as to our duties and mission at Christ Fellowship Bible Church . DECEMBER 1 - The Mission of CFBC (who are we & what are we to do) DECEMBER 8 - The Vision of CFBC (where are we going & how do we get there) DECEMBER 15 - The God-given duties of Shepherds (what are godly leaders & what are their roles) DECEMBER 22 - The God-given duties of all the Sheep (what is every single Christian called to do) DECEMBER 29 - A Church that Glorifies God (creating, maintaining, cultivating & excelling at being a church that 'loves one another') Join us at 4:00pm on Sundays.  All the sermons will be recorded & placed on CFBC's media page.

A missing doctrine in the church today: the sufficiency of Scripture.

From a recent article I wrote on a missing doctrine in the church today: the sufficiency of Scripture : The Word of God makes the man of God adequate — thoroughly equipped — for every good work (2 Tim 3.17). The Bible makes the radical yet undeniably accurate claim that it sanctifies the man of God. Man does not need anything in addition to Scripture. The Bible is perfect (Ps 19.7) and the great and precious promises given by God (2 Pet 1.4) are able to become partakers of the divine nature. The doctrine that must thunder out from every pulpit is the sufficiency of the Word of God. The truth that must resonate in every discipling relationship is the sufficiency of the Word of God. The essential ingredient that must gloriously grant hope to every biblical counseling meeting is the sufficiency of the Word of God. The sufficiency of the Word of God affirms that the Bible, and it alone, is enough both to save the sinner and to sanctify the man of God so as to grow him in Christlikeness

The Christian's Duty in Life. Be Working!

Sleep not in harvest-time; do not trifle away your golden seasons; you have much work to do in a short time. You have a God to honor, a Christ to rest on, a race to run, a crown to win, a hell to escape, a heaven to obtain. You have weak graces to strengthen, strong corruptions to weaken; you have many temptations to withstand, and afflictions to bear; you have many mercies to improve, and many services to perform, etc. Therefore take hold on all opportunities and advantages, whereby you may be strengthened and bettered in your noble part. Take heed of crying, 'Tomorrow, tomorrow!' when God says: " Today , if you will hear my voice, harden not your hearts," Heb 3:7-8. --Thomas Brooks

Why the man of God in the ministry of the Word must be sexually pure.

Why the man of God in the ministry of the Word must be sexually pure Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church 1. To represent Jesus Christ—the Chief Shepherd—faithfully. A minister of the Word recognizes that he serves first of all as a sheep in need of the Great Shepherd and is, by God’s sovereign directive, an undershepherd to serve God’s flock faithfully. To serve the flock of God as a shepherd is to minister in a way that faithfully pictures the shepherd leadership of Christ. Christ purely leads His flock. To represent Christ faithfully is to serve as a man of God, with full integrity, demonstrating the utmost purity, zealous for holiness and Christlikeness in all things. This is the man of God who represents Christ faithfully. Indeed, Jesus Christ faithfully loves His own bride, the Church. He never lusts after another or longs for another or flirts with another! No! Jesus Christ faithfully loves, cherishes, and passionately has affection for His bride, the Chu

Why I Love CFBC Part 10 — A Church That Upholds the Headship of Jesus Christ.

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church [part 10] Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church There are many reasons why I love CFBC. This continues the series as to why I love the flock of God at CFBC. 1. CFBC Has a Love for the Truth of Scripture. 2. CFBC Loves, Cares for, Prays for, & Encourages Me as Their Teaching Shepherd. 3. CFBC comprises people from different races, nationalities, cultures, backgrounds & ages. 4. CFBC zealously pursues holiness and conformity to Christlikeness in all things. 5. CFBC seeks to apply the vision statement of the church, namely, to be a disciple-making church. 6. CFBC evidences a passion for evangelism, soul-willing, open-air preaching & gospel proclamation. 7. CFBC weekly comes together for two corporate prayer services to pray for the church, revival, one another & the purity of the Church. 8. CFBC loves one another and willingly sacrifices time, resources, money, and effort to serve others in the flock. 9. CFBC ende