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What to look for in a potential spouse.

What To Look For In A Potential Spouse Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church 1. Soundly Converted. Since God created marriage to remain for life, in looking for a spouse you would do well to ensure that the person you find interest in is soundly converted. You want to make sure the person you would consider spending your life with is passionately in love with Christ, faithfully seeking His Word, and bearing the fruit of the Spirit. Your spouse will be the greatest tool of sanctification in your life. Ensure, for the joy of your heart, that the person is soundly converted. 2. Pursuing Christ. You do not want to marry just anyone who calls himself a Christian. You must certify that the person pursues Christ more than they pursue you. Ladies, you would be wise to note if the man who pursues you has a greater love for Christ than he has for you. Does the person you are spending time with pursue Christ? Do they pursue Christ while they are with you? How do you know

Questions for Accountability: Sexual Purity as Shepherds

Profitable questions for an elder/shepherd leadership team to go through together with regularity. [Or, even any discipleship relationship.] Questions for Sexual Purity 1. Since you last answered these questions, have you viewed any immoral, impure or pornographic material online, on your cell phone or any other device in any way? 2. Since you last answered these questions, have you been in any questionable situation with a woman other than your wife that could be perceived as questionable? 3. Have you grown fond of and emotionally attached to any woman other than your wife even in the slightest? 4. Has your relationship with your wife been open in communication, healthy in sexual intimacy, and affectionate to serve her? 5. Has your mind and heart been pure as you have been out and about — work, lunches, cars, parks — as you have seen other women? 6. Have you lied about any of the answers you just gave?

Preacher! Keep Your Heart Mindful of the Brevity of Life!

Preacher! Keep Your Heart Mindful of the Brevity of Life. Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Psalm 90:12 — So teach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom. If you do this it will most certainly result in the following... 1. You will live an upright life. Keeping your heart mindful of the brevity of life will result in the man of God living a pure life before God. The minister of God’s Word will bear in the mind the piercing nature of God’s Word and the examining effect it has on the soul of man. Remembering that you may die at any moment should launch the man of God to a laser-beam focus of living uprightly, purely, godly, and devoutly. He must have this in his soul, in his heart, in his mind, and then with his life. 2. You will preach as if every sermon were your last. The more the man of God remembers the stark reality that he may die before he ever steps foot in his pulpit again, the more he will preach with passion and conviction. Jus