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Pray for the Sexual Purity of Your Elders

Pray for the Sexual Purity of Your Elders Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church God requires that all those who serve in the ministry of preaching and shepherding must be blameless. The men who serve God in the church must have no hidden life of sexual sin. Men of God speaking for God must strive to live above-reproach lives and turn from and flee any and all sexual temptations. Many in the pew may not be aware of the many ways they can pray for the elders — by name — to be sexually pure for the glory of God, for the joy of their souls, and for the purity of the flock. [ *Note: in this essay, I assume that pastors/elders are interchangeable and though a church may have one primary teaching pastor, there are others who serve as shepherds with him. ] Below, I will provide 7 ways that you can pray for the sexual purity of your elders. 1. Pray for their Sexual Purity IN THE HOME Your pastors need your prayer because they live in a home where the culture endeavors

Family Worship: Some Helpful Resources

At Christ Fellowship Bible Church , we will be teaching on Family Worship during the Family Bible Hour during our series on the "Distinctives." Here are some helpful resources for Family Worship: 1. The Directory for Family Worship (1647) 2. The Duties of Parents to Their Children (Cotton Mather) 3. The Great Duty of Family Religion (George Whitefield) 4. The Duties of Parents (JC Ryle) 5. Family Worship and Its Benefits (Jason Helopoulos) 6. Simplify Family Worship (Don Whitney) More articles can be found HERE .


PREPARE FOR CORPORATE WORSHIP Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church   “Come from your knees to the sermon, and come from the sermon to your knees”                                                                                                          — Joseph Alleine Children of God worship God corporately. They love to worship God with other believers. And since believers gather together to exalt the Lord and hear from Him through the preached Word, how does one rightly prepare for corporate worship? After all, one will only get as much out of corporate worship to the degree that he prepared himself for it. To neglect preparation is to cripple oneself. So how does the Christian prepare? 1. PRAY One of the best ways to prepare for corporate worship is for the child of God to pray. He must pray for God’s glory to be put on display. He should pray for the preacher to herald God’s Word with God’s power. He should pray for other believers to come hungry and grow in all kno

The Awefulness and Awesomeness of Ascending to the Pulpit

The Awefulness & Awesomeness of Ascending to the Pulpit Geoffrey R. Kirkland Christ Fellowship Bible Church Nothing has as much power as when the voice of God speaks.  When God utters a word, His plan most certainly comes to pass and everything obeys His sovereign decree. So then, it only follows that as a man of God ascends the stairs to preach in the pulpit and speak as the mouthpiece of God, he does well to have some truths plastered on his heart and mind. 1. THE FEAR OF THE LORD Paul wrote that he knew the terror of the Lord. It is the fear of the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom. Knowing God and His person and work must produce a deep-rooted and an awe-struck amazement at the majesty of God. God speaks through instruments. God spoke through prophets of old. God has revealed Himself generally through creation. God has provided His sufficient Word in the pages of written Scripture. And in so far as the man of God takes the Word of God to declare God’s truth to the p