Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So last night, I took Elizabeth up to this mountaintop because she thought that we were going to set up the engagement for another couple. So she is setting up the table and putting rose pedals all over the table and the ground around the table.

Then we finished setting up the table and had a last look before we went down the hill so the "other couple" could come and get engaged with everything set up:

Doesn't look too shabby for a guy doing all the shopping beforehand huh? :-)

So we started our journey down the hill and I said, wait, we have time, let's go back there and hang for a few minutes. You see, we were at this mountaintop that overlooked the ocean and the coast on one side and you turn around and it overlooked the L.A. Valley! Then I gave her my speech (which will be omitted from this blog) and asked her if she would marry me. Her answer... "What Just Happened?"...(but then she eventually uttered the words I was waiting for), "YES!"
Then I had my (and "our") favorite restaurant catered up to us on the moutaintop and we had a nice sit down dinner up there in the thirty-two degree cold on the top of the mountain!

Here she is showing off the sparkle on that ring finger on the left hand! Man, I love to see that! :-)

We are most excited about the lifelong covenant of companionship that we are seeking to endeavor upon. We recognize the solemnness of this marital relationship, we understand the self-sacrificial commitment that is also required and we long to serve and honor the other person so as to ultimately bring glory to our most gracious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Praise God! I love you, Elizabeth!


Anonymous said...

geoffrey! yay! oh my goodness! congrats, we are so happy for the both of you.
love ya~
jonathan and ashley

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you both! Love you very much!!
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Hey Honey,

I am so excited to embark on this life-long journey with you! May the Lord be pleased to allow us to continually "exalt his name together" (Psalm 34:3)

I love you!


Geoffrey Kirkland said...


I love you too, babe!

Psalm 34:3 is our verse! May the Lord help us!


Anonymous said...

Geoff, we're so happy that you are going to be joining our family. Love to you both!

Anonymous said...

Geoff -

Congrats. Praise the Lord. I am excited for both of you.

In His grace alone,

Anonymous said...

G & E,

The Lord's blessings to you both as you prepare to serve Him as husband and wife! We are so excited for you and cannot wait to congratulate the wonderful couple in person!

Bryan, Meggan, and Lillian

(ps, we hope you thaw out before too long!)

Anonymous said...

:) The other girls next door are very happy for you both! :)

Anonymous said...

32 degrees!!! That's wild! And how did you get your favorite restaurant catered to you on the top of a hill?!?!? Way to go, Geoff! Sounds like an incredible engagement!

I am so amped for the both of you! This time in your life will be full of excitement and awesome new experiences. May you keep Christ as the treasure of your hearts today and forever....

Rachel and I can't wait to see you two when we get back from Christmas break!

Much Love,

Mike Mixon

Anonymous said...

hey, it's jordan again.
e-mail me or something:

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