Friday, December 15, 2006

This book by Steve Lawson (who is my favorite preacher and hero) is now one of my favorites. I sat down last night and read the whole thing as I was picturing him "preach" his way through the book. I guess every preacher would say that they enjoy a new book on preaching, but this one was really refreshing to my soul and passions.

God's primary plan is for impacting cities today only through the preaching of the Gospel. One God-called man armed with one God-sent message, committed to one God-prescribed method - preaching - is always sufficieint for any situation.

John Knox (of whom I blogged about in recent weeks as a hero of mine) was one such preacher. Though he would become the leader of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland, Knox entered the ministry ONLY reluctantly. The magnitude of the reponsibility to preach the Word was too great for Knox to assume it lightly. For this reformer-in-the-making, the pulpit was a sacred desk, a stepping onto holy ground. When Knox was extended the pastoral call by his first congregation in April 1547, he immediately burst into tears and withdrew into seclusion, too overwhelmed to accept this call. Knox was all too aware of the divine accountability that accompanied such a calling, to say nothing of his own inadequacies. But God was calling. That undeniable reality arrested his soul.

It was through such a soul-searching experience that Knox knew he MUST preach. Where, it must be asked, are such trembling men today? Where are those who so preach as if by divine appointment? Are YOU this kind of man? (p.62-63)

Furthermore, Knox is known for saying later in his Pastoral ministry, "I have never once feared the debil, but I tremble every time I enter the pulpit" (p.94). Where are such men who, like Knox, tremble when they open the Word of God?

May we hear this call from a man of old who fearlessly and faithfully preached the Word of God boldly!


Anonymous said...

Are you already working on homework for next semester? How in the world am I supposed to compete with that?

-- bry

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