Thursday, December 28, 2006

I recently concluded a series preaching through the whole book of 1 John. I was overwhelmed by the boldness and bluntness of the Apostle John in his preaching to his congregation back in Ephesus.

After thinking back on the theme of the book of 1 John, this is what I came up with:

The theme of 1 John: One who is really born of God will inevitably evidence it by the way he lives in holiness, the way he loves as Christ unconditionally loves, and by what he believes regarding the Son of God.

Any feedback?


Dad said...

Geoff, I'd say you are "spot on" as our South African frisnds are prone to say!

John seems to have been writing to enable his readers to accurately evaluate their true spiritual condition- to provide Biblical "assurance" in other words- by a doctrinal test (what we believe ), relational test ( how we exhibit love ) and a moral test ( how we live consistently in accord with teh moral mandates of Scripture). 1 John 5:13 appears to be the theme of the book.

T said...

Supposedly, D.A. Carson has a new book coming out where he questions this understanding of 1 John...

Les Prouty said...

Geoff, I think you are all over it. J. C. Ryle, in his "Are You Born Again?" booklet outlines six statements from 1 John essentially saying the same thing.
I know of two men in the PCA, not elders, but husbands and fathers who have left their wives and children recently for other women. After the length of time and pursuit by the church, and still no repentence (not even a hint of remorse), my only conclusion at this point is that they do not match up with what God says in His word in 1 John about what a Christian really is! Great tragedy indeed. But we press on and guard our hearts and are reminded of the sinfulness of sin and the great mercy and grace of God!

Geoffrey R. Kirkland said...


Thank you for the comment. Tragic situations, indeed. May we be those, however, who are faithful to the Word and the message that is so CLEARLY laid forth in 1 John. May we evidence the glory of the gospel in the way we live our Christian lives.

Thanks for the post and good to hear from you.


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