Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here are some good quotes I've come across in my PhD exam preparation:

"There is throughout the Bible a historical plot line and the teaching of basic truths that can be understood apart from detailed genre analysis and knowledge of literary structure [not to diminish these *important* disciplines, however]. Evangelicals must make sure to let Christians in their churches know that the Bible is a book that God has given, in one sense, directly to them. This can be done because God is not hiding from us, but has given us a Book in space and time that can be understood literally." —Michael Stallard

"Literal interpretation can be synonymous with plain, natural, normal, historical, grammatical, straight-forward, and the face-value interpretation."

You can read & understand the Bible. Read it, understand it, interpret it in its normal sense. For true believers, God's Spirit will guide His elect into the truth with diligent study and proper hermeneutical methods.

Study! Study! Study!


Anonymous said...

That is such an encouraging reminder, my Love. If I needed to attain to your level of study in order to figure out what God was communicating through His written word, then I would never get there! Praise God that He knew I would need something a little more simplistic and provided that level of readability & knowability in His special self-revelation.

-Your Wifey

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