Monday, August 22, 2011

Psalm 111 — Study Hard!

1. Begin your study with worship (1)

The psalm begins with Hallelujah—an exclamation of praise—which commands the community to sing and praise the Lord (1a). The assembly and the congregation of upright people are beckoned to worship God (1b). Thus, all study of God must begin with worshiping God rightly.

2. Study the works of God (2-6)

God is worthy of praise because the works of God are great (2a)! The works of God are sought/studied (דרשׁ) by all who delight in them. The followers of the Lord are to seek out with intense study the works of God. Enter the school of God and bathe in the bottomless ocean of God's sovereign and providential deeds!

3. Study the Word of God (7-9)

All God's statutes are faithful (7b) and supported forever (8a). Indeed, God, in his great grace and with His sovereign word has sent redemption for His people—referring back to the Exodus (Ex 12-14). How holy and awesome is His Name!

4. Study with fear and obedience (10)

All study of God which brings wisdom (חכם)—skill for living—must begin with a proper fear (awe-terror) of the Lord and His greatness. The deeds of God when rightly understood will produce a holy terror in God's people. This then has two results: (1) obedience (10b) and (2) praise (10c)

Let us sing & shout with the psalmist: how compassionate (חנון) and gracious (רחום) is the LORD (4b)!


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