Monday, August 29, 2011

Please remember to pray for me as I take my seven written comprehensive exams this week for my PhD program. Pray that God gives me great recollection of the books I read & the things I studied. Here is my schedule:


1. Theology
2. OT & Hebrew
3. Bible Ex
4. NT #1 - NTI, hermeneutics, crit methods & backgrounds (LXX, Fathers, intertestamental)
5. NT #2 - Greek Grammar, syntax, and NT text crit
6. NT #3 - Pauline epistles (translation, exegesis, bibl theo, intro)
7. NT #4 - Gospels, Acts, and nonPauline lit (trans, exegesis, bibl theo, intro)

Monday 9am Theology
Monday 3pm OT & Hebrew

Wednesday 9am Bible Ex
Wednesday 3pm NT #1

Friday 9am NT#2
Friday 3pm NT#3

Saturday 9am NT#4


Anonymous said...

Mom and I are praying for you son!

Love you very much,


G Marie said...

You got this, Geoff!
It's in the bag for sure!!

-Gina :D

Anonymous said...

Our family will be praying for you.

Bill & Laura Losch

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