Wednesday, May 9, 2007

In his excellent and biblical work, Hell on Trial, Dr. Robert Peterson has this quote that I want us to think on this morning:
"Shockingly, the wicked are happier in hell than they would be in heaven because 'the unsubmissive, rebellious, defiant, and impenitent spirit prefers hell to heaven" (Peterson, Hell on Trial, 133).

Along these same lines, I was teaching my youth group last week on eschatology (that is, the end times) and uttered this line:

"It would be an extreme injustice to take an unbeliever to heaven, because he would be miserable for eternity. Christ is there, and he hates Christ." (Professor John Hannah speaking of Jonathan Edwards and his view of hell).

Do we consider the absolute glory of God as revealed both in heaven and in hell? May this sobering reality of the eternal damnation, punishment, pain and torment be ever in the forefront of our minds so that we are more aggressive in evangelism.


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