Thursday, May 3, 2007

I want to post a few pics of my beautiful fiance. We only have about a week or so till the wedding. Things are crazy - but things were crazy in my life even when there were no wedding plans, but the Lord has been good. I have the best fiance ever.

You better watch out though - she can play a mean came of "UNO" - but don't worry, I can still beat her :=)

She's cute huh?

This is when we went to Griffith Park for a picnic. She took me to Costco to get a hot dog cause she won't make them for me. She says they are too "unhealthy." I mean seriously...who doesn't like "HOT DOGS"?


Anonymous said...

I know! The entire rest of her family regards this as a SERIOUS character flaw. It's not that she didn't get hot dogs at home - she did. In her earlier years, at least once a week! Everyone else in the fam LOVES hot dogs on a regular basis. We eat 'em grilled, fried, topped with mustard, ketchup, onions, relish, chile or wrapped in crescent's a mystery to us. Sorry, Geoff. If you get a craving and Costco isn't nearby, any Hart freezer probably has a package of Hebrew National or other good quality hot dogs available for you at any time. Feel free to stop by!
- Cute Fiance's Mom

Geoffrey Kirkland said...

You know what... I will (most probably) take you up on that offer.

But be careful - I eat alot of them. I remember the day when I had my last final of high school, I went to a party with my buddies and I (alone) ate 8 hot dogs :=)

Begin the stash now....I'm comin...

Love u

Anonymous said...

And I as the St. Louis Mom have 2 cents to throw in....I concur with the cute fiancee's mom....the BEST all time dogs are the Kosher dogs smothered in grilled onions! (Try Sam's) Everyone needs a good kosher dog now and then. In moderation of course! : )

Anonymous said...

LOL... what's all this about HOT DOGS... I mean, WE'RE GETTING MARRIED IN ABOUT A WEEK. In light of that, who cares about hot dogs, really :)

Honey, I am so honored that you would devote an entire blogg entry to "your fiance" (... pictures & all :). I am the most blessed woman ever! I love you & I wanna do my best to serve you... even if that means making you hot dogs every now & then (now, that's LOVE, Baby ;-)


Geoffrey Kirkland said...


I do love you too, but I must tell you, we cannot just "slide your very harsh comment about 'hot dogs' under the table."

I am very disturbed that you said "WHO CARES" about hot dogs! That really cuts deep, my love.

I do believe that hot dogs really will be the food in heaven. Though I am a Jew - and a justified one at that - I do prefer hot dogs (sorry mom, but preferably, NON KOSHER) to many other foods.

I take 1 Timothy 4:3-5 LITERALLY. Yes baby, it is all "sanctified" - even the "non-kosher hot-dog" :=)

Love u, babe

Anonymous said...

(sorry mom, but preferably, NON KOSHER) to many other foods.

WHAT?? Oy vey! What a shanda!! Remember....Hebrew Nationals....they answer to a higher authority! : )

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