Tuesday, May 8, 2007

He's a good one, Robert Murray McCheyne (1813-1843) was a man passionate for preaching the Word, for holy living and for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.

Listen to this Song of Zion as written by McCheyne from the foot of Mt. Carmel in 1839:

"Beneath Moriah's rocky side,
A gentle fountain springs,
Silent and soft its waters glide,
Like the peace the Spirit brings."

The thirsty Arab stoops to drink
Of the cool and quiet wave,
And the thirsty spirit stops to think
Of Him who came to save.

Siloam is the fountain's name,
It means one sent from God'
—And thus the holy Saviour's fame
It gently spreads abroad."

Oh! grant that I, like this sweet well,
May Jesus' image bear,
And spend my life, my all, to tell
How full his mercies are."

May we all have a passion for the image of God as being evidenced by the way each of us live. To God be the Glory!


Anonymous said...

GO ROBERT M'CHEYNE!!! He rocks =)

Hey Honey, after the haircut I gave you yesterday, you could almost pass for M'Cheyne... lol :)

Anonymous said...

Your new apartment is fabulous. I'm so happy for you guys! Looking forward to Saturday. :)

Geoffrey Kirkland said...

Thanks Fawn,

We hope that it is a place where we can truly live out:

"As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD" (Josh 24:15)

Much love,


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