Thursday, November 30, 2006

In my Marriage and Family Counseling course yesterday, my professor said this, "The bible must set the parameters and framework for which we see all of life. The bible is that which frames our methodology."

Immediately after he spoke this, he said, "Take your Bibles and turn to..." This has become a normal and, shall we say, habitual thing to do in our class.

WHY? Why do we make such a big deal out of the Bible? Why are we obsessed with the Bible? Why do we just have to incorporate the Bible into all that we do?


Because the Bible is indeed the very breathed out Word of God. Just like Dr. Street said, it is the Bible - not some other idea, ideology, methodology, postmodern conviction, mythical thought - that alone must set not only the parameters but also set the framework for which we see all of life. This is a statement that I hold dear to because the Scriptures have so gripped my heart and my soul that I want to do nothing in life but know the Word of God because I want to know the God of the Word.

I hold to this statement with 100% conviction. It's sad that 95% of other "Christian institutions" in the states may claim to hold to this, but when you speak of biblical counseling (if that phrase is even used), it is more of a psycho-therapeutic philosophy of helping you feel better of getting over your issues.


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