Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So I go through a pound of coffee really fast. I don't know how I do it. But it just sorta happens! My roommate works at Starbucks full time and so I always am on his case about bringing his "free pound of coffee" home each week for the "roommates." :-)

Just to give you a taste as to what goes IN my coffee:

In my refrigerator I have 5 creamers - not the small dinky ones, but the real manly ones:

(1) Vanilla Chai Latte (this is my new favorite one)
(2) Hazelnut
(3) French Vanilla (fat free)
(4) Gingerbread
(5) Pumpkin Spice

Folks, I normally don't boast about my addictions, but I felt that this was a necessary issue to bring up. I am a proud lover of Coffee-mate creamer as well as Starbucks and Trader Joe's coffee.

Elizabeth helps me drink it too, so it makes it all the more worth it :=)
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