Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In my theology class today we were discussing how the Mosaic Law is no longer active in the life of the New Testament saint. The Apostle Paul testified to this truth in his own life with many Scriptures showing that he is not bound by this Mosaic Law.

In studying this section, I came across this quote by Arnold Frauchtenbaum in his massive tome, Israelology where he notes:

"The Law of Moses was based on the conditional Mosaic Covenant and so the motivation was: do, in order to be blessed. The law of Christ is based on the unconditional New Covenant and so the motivation is: you have been and are blessed, therefore do” (Frauchtenbaum, Israelology, 641).

When I read this, I gave a hearty "Amen" in my soul/spirit. Any comments? Agree? Disagree?


Your Wifey ;-) said...

WOW... in light of our conversation this morning (the conditional basis of the old covenant versus the unconditional basis of the new covenant & the Abrahamic covenant), that was really helpful!

I love you, Honey!!! MUAH

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