Thursday, May 24, 2007

Andrew Bonar (a good friend of Robert Murray M'Cheyne) said this:

“Tried this morning specially to pray against idols in the shape of my books and studies. These encroach upon my direct communion with God, and need to be watched” (Andrew Bonar - Saturday, September 17, 1850).

This impacted me in many ways this morning...


your wifey ;-) said...

Honey, I think you might need to add this one to your prayer list too ;-)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

When studying about God becomes the idol instead of worshiping Him....I get it. I'll have to add book reading and computer time to my "idol list."

- Jill the MIL

Anonymous said...

Geoff, I suppose there's always a tension between "knowing *about* God and kowing God" as Packer put it in his classic work, Knowing God.

But, the Scriptures themselves challenge believers in general, and aspiring and current pastor-teachers in particular, to "study to show yourself approved as a workman who need not be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth" (2 Tim. 2:15).

So, it's clear that you must be "hip deep" in the books at this point in your life to get prepared, although you'll always be a student. And I never met a seminarian yet who felt he had his life in order completely from a time-management perspective. This period of your life is an intense, exciting but very challenging time. But a finite episode.

A favorite prof of mine at Dallas Seminary once said something like "it's better to feed from a flowing stream than a stagnant pond", referring to a congregation's need to sit under the teaching of a man who was living it out. I see that happening in spades in your life.

MacArthur stated this morning on Grace to You that he never approaches a text first as an exegetical exercise but rather as an approach to better knowing God and what He expects of his children.

As long as you're a "flowing stream" I think you've got things in good perspective.

Enough rambling...



Geoffrey R. Kirkland said...


Excellent comments and they were taken with a good heart.

Thanks and Love you


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