Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here are some quotes from Montoya's seminar at the Shepherd's Conference yesterday on PREACHING WITH PASSION: (sorry for the misspellings — I was typing quickly as he spoke.)

Preaching is not an end in of itself; preaching is the declaration of God’s Word to mankind that man might repent of his sin & come to saving faith.

Preaching is the finest way that we can present every man complete in Christ.

“For us to preach or teach a boring sermon is a great sin.”

“We are entrusted with the oracles of God --- it is an exciting book.”

“Normally when people don’t like your preaching they don’t write you poems, they send white powder in little envelopes.”

“Preach God’s WOrd effectively; preach it in such a way that what you say is important but how you say it is important.”

“Preach the Word of God that it comes across with great passion, with great energy, with great fire.”

“Witohut passion, the sermon becomes a lecture or a moral speech.”

A dull minister creates a dull audience. A dull preacher is a contradiction in terms.

“Come to God as a clean preacher and not an unclean preacher.”

You may be a cracked vase, but may you be the cleanest vase in the cabinet.

Preaching with passion comes from one who has communion with God.

“Spiritual power comes when you know God has called & commissioned you.”

Preach a text that keeps you awake Saturday night. It keeps you awake & you can’t sleep.

“If you love your people you cannot ever preach a bad sermon.”

“Don’t be so deep and in a deep well that there’s nothing down there but an old shoe & a dead cat.”

What we need today is preachers in pulpits who preach with authority. Not giving suggestions, opinions, not making some remark, but every time you declare God’s Word say “Thus says the LORD.”

We’re killing our church b/c our preachers can’t preach, they don’t bother to think and improve at preaching.

Preaching is delivering truth with deep urgency.

Preachers must become gospel maniacs; and we must be captivated and recaptivated by Christ.

Always think of Judgement. Think of the judgment of sin. Sin is the enemy of God and of the soul. It is a ruthless enemy. And it needs to be assaulted by preachers.

“Preach towards a verdict. Call men to a verdict. You must do something about this message. We must persuade men.”

If you preach apathetic sermons then you’ll preach with no effect.

“If you don’t preach expecting change then people won’t change.”

“Take your life and pour the truth on you and when you preach preach with great passion and fire to the glory of God.”
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