Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bible is trustworthy. The heart of the Christian is a library that must hold, keep, & store the Word of God. It is dependable, trustworthy, powerful, effective, supernatural, and divinely given. Last night I had the privilege to preach what God has taught me this past week regarding the supernatural power and Spirit-given assurance that God's Word is truly that — God's Word.

Listen to and apply this sermon here. I feel that Spurgeon's remarks aptly conclude a discussion on the trustworthiness of Scripture:
God’s word is the soul’s manna and the soul’s water of life. How greatly we ought to prize each word of divine teaching. But, dear brethren, do you not think that many are very neglectful of God’s instructive voice? In the Bible we have precious doctrines, precious promises, precious precepts, and above all a precious Christ, and if a man would really live upon these choice things, he might rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. But how often is the Bible left unread! And so God is not heard.


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