Friday, March 9, 2012

Here are quotes from Steve Lawson's session on Charles Spurgeon - the Evangelistic Zeal of a Calvinist. (Forgive me for any typos — I tried to type fast while Lawson spoke.)

“If you’re going to be a fisherman, you must cast the line, draw the fish.”

Be committed to the sovereignty of God in salvation & have an evangelistic heart and fervor.

“The only preacher who plays with a full deck is a Calvinistic evangelist.” He is a force to be reckoned with.

The “prince of preachers” - the greatest preacher the church has ever known since Paul.

He stands at the head of the list of every survey of great preachers.

If Calvin was the greatest theologian, if Edwards was greatest philosopher, and Whitefield was greatest evangelist, then SPurgeon was the greatest evangelistic pastor to occupy one pulpit over a period of time.


One of the greatest preachers of the last century, if not the greatest of all time (Lloyd Jones on Spurgeon)

Spurgeon was one of the greatest evangelists England has ever seen … Spurgeon was one of the staunchest defenders of the doctrines of grace (Boice)

Spurgeon preached a full bodied gospel with … Calvinist convictions and evangelistic appeal (Al Mohler)
    --> he had the depth of Calvinism
    --> he had the breadth of evangelism
    --> WE NEED THIS

“We need depth fo reformed thinking & breadth of evangelistic zeal & fervor. When you bring them together, it’s like GAS and FIRE ---- an explosion takes place.”

He was bold, courageous, larger-then-life personality. As he stood in the pulpit, he roared like a lion.

Spurgeon was in ONE pulpit for 38 years and thousands came to faith in Christ.


His foundation was built on the authority of God’s Word.

He was personification of sola scriptura.

One ounce of what God has to say is worth more than 40 tons of what man has to say (Steve Lawson paraphrasing Spurgeon)

“I believe nothing because Calvin taught it but because we find his teaching in the Word of God.”

“I am content to be a mere repeater of Scripture. If it’s new it’s not true.”

“Great men help us to understand the truth. But we believe what we believe because we can put a finger on chapter and verse.”

WHAT WAS SPURGEON’S CALVINISM (sovereignty of God in salvation):
The old truth that Calvin preached … must thunder through England again.

Sovereignty of God in Salvation
The totality of our humanity is tainted by sin and corrupted by sin. Every inch and every ounce as born in Adam’s fallen race. We are all under the plague of sin.

Our mind, heart, and will is under dominion of sin.

Every son and daughter of Adam’s race has moral inability. No one can come to God nor believe in Christ.

Election is written with an iron pen. It is forever etched in God’s Word.

Spurgeon championed the doctrine of God’s sovereign choice of whom he would save before time began.

Every person for whom Christ died must beyond a shadow of a doubt be cleansed from sin and be washed in the blood before the Father’s throne.

He believed in actual atonement.

A man is not saved against his will; but he is made willing by the operation of the Holy Ghost.

A mighty grace which he does not wish to reisst enters into the man, disarms him, makes him a new creature and he is saved.

The holy Spirit triumphs in the hearts of all those whom the Father has chosen.

By the power of his effectual grace, He said “I must I will come I” and then he turned my heart, and made me love him”

I could not keep myself, but if Christ promised to keep me then I’d be safe forever.

God would save me forever --- that is sovereign grace” (Lawson)

SERMON: text: Matt 8:11 - many shall come from the East & West…
In this sermon, Spurgeon drew focus on the word shall ---- many shall…

The gospel does not ask for your consent, it gives it.”

“It does not say: “will you have it” but it makes you willing in the day of GOd’s power.”

Christ says: “You shall be saved.”

“Oh the evangelistic power of preaching the DOCTRINES OF GRACE” (Lawson)

Pride must be crushed in order for sinners to come to faith in Christ.

For God to put something in the Bible and you NOT proclaim it is nothing but POPERY (what the Catholic church does).

“It claims elitism with Rome, the Pope & Cardinals. To withhold the preaching of the doctrines of predestination & election is nothing more than Roman Catholicism in the Evangelical Church”

“If you think something in the Book is not fit, then go complain to God, … not men.” (Spurgeon)

If we are going to have REVIVAL, then we MUST dust off the old doctrines and preach them under the power of the Holy Spirit of God (Lawson)

Not only did God appoint the end, but the means to that end. God has ordained gospel preaching and prayer for lost souls & holy living and personal witnessing & its not either or (w/ election) but BOTH and.

Spurgeon had one model in the ministry == GEORGE WHITEFIELD

Whitefield was my own model (Spurgeon).

Nov 13, 1864 - John 6.37 - “All that the Father has given shall come to me.”

Luke 14:23 - “Go out into the highways & hedges & compel them to come in”   TITLE:  Compel them to come in

“It is not enough merely to present the gospel; it’s not enough merely to tell people about the gospel. We must plead with them, we must persuade them, reason with them, urge them, compel them to come in.”

Too many of us who hold to Reformed truth are too proud to beg with sinners to repent.” (Lawson)

I compel you to come (here is Spurgeon’s OUTLINE):
I invite you to come
I command you to come
I exhort you to come
I reason with you to come
I entreat you to come
I threaten you to come
I weep for you to come
I pray for you to come.

2 Cor 6.2 - “Behold now is the accepted time”    TITLE: “NOW”

Come on fire for God and people will come and see you burn (Spurgeon)

Preach the gospel; the gates of hell shake. … it is the Master’s mandate (Spurgeon)


Mr. Steve said...

I was about 12 rows back in the center! A message beyond compare; delivered with power and passion!

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