Thursday, March 22, 2012

Reader, trust Christ, look to Christ, cry to the Lord Jesus Christ, if you never yet believed, about your soul. If you have not the right feelings yet, ask Him to give you right feelings.  If you dare not think that you have true faith yet, ask Him to give you faith.  But in any case do not sit still.  Do not idle away your soul into hell in ignorant, unscriptural sloth.  Do not live on in senseless inactivity,—waiting for you know not what,—expecting what you cannot explain,—increasing your guilt every day,—offending God by continuing in lazy unbelief, —and hourly digging a grave for your own soul.  Arise and call upon Christ!  Awake and cry to Jesus about your soul!  Whatever difficulties there may be about believing, one thing at least is abundantly clear,—no man ever perished and went to hell from the foot of the cross.  If you can do nothing else, lie down at the foot of the cross.

— JC Ryle


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