Friday, September 12, 2008

Here's a quote with which I'm concluding my sermon on Revelation 19:1-10 by the old 19th century preacher, George Livingstone Robinson:

Let us picture to ourselves that celestial coronation scene. Jesus our King
seated on the throne of heaven, surrounded with glory, His kingdom universal,
His enemies under His feet, Satan vanquished, earthly magistrates and
potentates, sages and kings, armies and emperors, bowing submissively before Him
as King of Kings and Lord of Lords; hymns of praise chanted by the heavenly
choir; tributes of adoration by the saints clothed in white; His elect singing
hallelujahs to Him that sitteth upon the throne of God most high, and worshiping
multitudes raising their voices in songs of triumph, as God the Father
places upon His brow the crown of victory! Oh, Jesus, thou art the monarch of
the skies, thou art king of heaven and of earth!


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