Friday, September 5, 2008

Well, I'm off to six flags tonight to see if my youth group can hang upside-down with their youth pastor. Yes, you are reading my intended meaning; I intend to go on the roller-coasters that go upside-down over and over and over again! Can they handle it?


Dave said...

wish i could have gone!!! Hope you guys had fun.

geoffrey kirkland said...


We went on Tatsu first. Then we went on X2 and it rocked. We did that 3 times in a row and then went to Scream (by far the fastest coaster there, in my opinion) and we rode it 5 times in a row (didn't even get out of the car!).

It was awesome! We had to get off cause one of the youth was getting a little "woozy..." :=) hahaha

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