Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really? Can this be true?

According to a recent poll taken at Covenant College, it is true.

Specifically, a blog stating the matter says:
After the above, no one will be shocked to find out thirty-five percent of
Covenant's faculty members say they're likely to vote for Senator Obama. That's
one third of the faculty supporting the presidential candidacy of the most radically pro-baby slaughter politician in Washington

And again--and even more shockingly:

Interestingly, only half the faculty members considered "abortion" to be
"Very important" in their selection in their anticipated vote for a presidential
candidate. This means half of the faculty members made a conscious decision to
respond that abortion was not "Very important." What got a higher rating than
"Social justice." Abortion had a rating average of 3.23 whereas
"Social justice" won with 3.40. (Ten faculty members responded that abortion was
either "Not important" (2) or only "Somewhat important" (8), but only one
faculty member responded that social justice was "Not important" and just two
that it was only "Somewhat important."
For the top rating, "Very important,"
three issues tied in the faculty's vote: "Abortion," "Health care," and "Social
justice," with "Social justice" taking the honors.
Covenant's president, Niel
Nielson, might suggest the school's chaplain invite Submergent (they
themselves call it Emergent) Church leader, Donald Miller, to visit the campus
and preach in chapel along the theme of his mini-sermon given as a bendiction to
the Democratic National Convention in Denver last month.

Let us pray that our Christian faculty in some of the leading schools--which are very scant these days--would repent of this wishy-washy theology and take a stand for biblical truth.


Dad said...

Thanks Geoff for this post. This should be a matter of grave concern for parents and students alike.

It's attractive from the world's standpoint to trot out all the Yale, Oxford etc PhDs. That looks great on the faculty profiles. But, do those "credentials" really attest to the quality of Christian education? Or is it just pandering to the world's value system?

The real test of faculty credentials in my view is how they stand on critical issues and how much discernment they have spiritually.

I am not discounting the value of brand name universities, but there's a big game that gets played in academia. To garner more students, the school peppers its ranks with high profile PhDs and the like. But does that really translate into a heart for God? No.

I am thankful...very thankful...for the quality of teachers you had at the Master's College. I will always be indebted to the the Lord for the way He sued the Master's College in your life.



geoffrey kirkland said...

Thanks dad.

I'm in total agreement with you.

Much love.

dad said...

Sorry for the typo in the last sentence...should read "the way He used the Master's College..."

Poor typing. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

First, funny the typo shows the "true nature" of the act of suing someone. (Using them) :)

It is appalling that our denominational college has faculty that are obviously out of touch with what we believe and espouse. This is the kind of thing that, in my opinion, should be brought to the attention of the PCA and investigated to the point of dismissing those who fail to adhere to such basic doctrine as the sanctity of human life. Thank you, Geoff, for bringing this to our collective and individual attention. May God continue to bless you and your wife as you serve Him. All our best - Bob Jones

geoffrey kirkland said...


Thanks for the kind remarks. Elizabeth and I are doing great. We're trucking along here in church ministry as well as my studies.

Thanks for the note. Say hi to Cathy and Phil for us.


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