Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church [part 9]
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

There are many reasons why I love CFBC. This continues the series as to why I love the flock of God at CFBC.

1. CFBC Has a Love for the Truth of Scripture.
2. CFBC Loves, Cares for, Prays for, & Encourages Me as Their Teaching Shepherd.
3. CFBC comprises people from different races, nationalities, cultures, backgrounds & ages.
4. CFBC zealously pursues holiness and conformity to Christlikeness in all things.
5. CFBC seeks to apply the vision statement of the church, namely, to be a disciple-making church.
6. CFBC evidences a passion for evangelism, soul-willing, open-air preaching & gospel proclamation.
7. CFBC weekly comes together for two corporate prayer services to pray for the church, revival, one another & the purity of the Church.
8. CFBC loves one another and willingly sacrifices time, resources, money, and effort to serve others in the flock.

9. CFBC endeavors to glorify God and magnify His supremacy each and every time the assembly gathers!

Moses called the people of Israel to ascribe greatness to God! The people of God desire and rejoice in telling of God’s salvation from day to day. To God is the glory, the power, the glory, and the victory. He is worthy of fame, of worship, of magnification. True believers who understand the Word of God and the message have a supreme delight and sole desire to elevate God and His gospel not only individually but corporately as well.

God’s people who are saved and being sanctified at CFBC endeavor to glorify God. To magnify God and His supremacy is to make His work, Word, and fame known. It is to declare how sufficient is His grace, how supreme is His atonement, His supernatural is His Word, and how steadfast is His faithfulness to His elect.

When CFBC gathers, a number of vital elements take place in the worship gatherings. Worship is hearing from God through His Word, receiving the truth of His Word, and then responding to God’s revelation from his Word. This happens through the reading of the Word of God, praying together, the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, and the singing of hymns to God. Also included should be the ordinances of baptism and communion that Christ ordained for His church to remember Him and to picture His atoning work. When CFBC gathers as an assembly of converted sinners, the flock desires to magnify God’s supremacy. This deliberately lowers man and deliberately elevates God. It intentionally diminishes man and his abilities and intentionally exalts God and His sovereignty. It intentionally proclaims man’s sin, helplessness, need, and inability in and of himself and it constantly proclaims God’s mercy offered to sinners, His full salvation that washes their sins away, and Christ’s sacrifice whereby He became a curse for His people, and His resurrection whereby He victoriously crushed death, defeated sin, and conquered Satan.

I thank the Lord for His abundant grace in bringing regenerated sinners unto Himself and gathering them to CFBC to worship the Lord with a likeminded passion of exalting God and glorifying His great Name. To elevate the Name of God — that is, His work, His Word, and His worth — is the noblest activity any man could ever enjoy in this world. CFBC not only does this but glories in this. CFBC has an indomitable commitment to exalting the Word of God, to glory in the grace of the Living Word, and to yield to the Spirit of God who points us to Christ by means of the Scriptures. I thank the Lord for the church that is God-centered and not man-centered. CFBC gathers to worship God and make much of God and learn how to obey God more fully. This is a healthy church!


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