Monday, October 28, 2013

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church [part 7]
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

There are many reasons why I love CFBC. This continues the series as to why I love the flock of God at CFBC.

1. CFBC Has a Love for the Truth of Scripture.
2. CFBC Loves, Cares for, Prays for, & Encourages Me as Their Teaching Shepherd.
3.CFBC comprises people from different races, nationalities, cultures, backgrounds & ages.
4. CFBC zealously pursues holiness and conformity to Christlikeness in all things.
5. CFBC seeks to apply the vision statement of the church, namely, to be a disciple-making church.
6. CFBC evidences a passion for evangelism, soul-willing, open-air preaching & gospel proclamation.

7. CFBC weekly comes together for two corporate prayer services to pray for the church, revival, one another & the purity of the Church.

God’s people take hold of Him in prayer. They storm the throne of grace with the introduction granted by Christ. They enter the glorious holy of holies solely through the atoning and effectual work of Jesus Christ accomplished at Calvary. God’s people pray. A praying church is a vibrant church. A prayerless church is dead.

Believers must strive in prayer. Christians have received a clarion call to corporate, fervent, ongoing, and consistent prayer in the life of the church. Believers ought to pray for one another, for the hurting, for the lost, for the disobedient, for their pastors and elders, for the children, for the teenagers, for the widows, and for all the marriages. Prayer should be central to the corporate meetings times in the local congregation. There should be times of corporate calling out to the Lord even in the corporate service as the pastor intercedes on behalf of the flock to God.

The prayer meeting marks the spiritual barometer of a local church. A prayerless church is a church in need of repentance and change. A church with little excitement for prayer and little commitment to prayer and little time devoted to prayer is a church living on the limited and ever-so-short resources of human strength.

I thank God that CFBC loves prayer. I praise the LORD that many of His people gather both on Sundays at 4pm for corporate prayer and on Wednesdays after the Psalms Bible study to pray corporately for one another and for the flock. And in these meetings, many of God’s people pray — the older men, the younger men, the older women, the younger women, the marrieds, the widows, the retired, and the divorced. It is a glorious picture of the body of Christ when His people take hold of God in prayer as we praise Him, thank Him, confess sins to Him, worship Him, remember the gospel, present supplications to Him, and pray for the ministry of CFBC.

The greatest encouragement I as a shepherd receive is when a member of the flock tells me that they have been praying for me. There is little that encourages me more than this. And I give thanks to our great God that He has so given a prayerful flock, devoted to one another, and to the urgent necessity of corporate prayer. God’s hand is evident at CFBC. The prayer meetings reflect, in my honest estimation, a healthy church. I praise God for His faithfulness.


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