Friday, October 25, 2013

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church [part 5]
Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Christ Fellowship Bible Church

There are many reasons why I love CFBC. This continues the series as to why I love the flock of God at CFBC.

1. CFBC Has a Love for the Truth of Scripture.
2. CFBC Loves, Cares for, Prays for, & Encourages Me as Their Teaching Shepherd.
3. CFBC comprises people from different races, nationalities, cultures, backgrounds & ages.
4. CFBC zealously pursues holiness and conformity to Christlikeness in all things.

5. CFBC seeks to apply the vision statement of the church, namely, to be a disciple-making church.

The mission of CFBC is quite clear. CFBC exists to glorify God by preaching the Word, evangelizing the lost, discipling the saved, and obeying Jesus Christ — all by the power of the Spirit. And furthermore, the vision of CFBC is to be a disciple-making church. CFBC has the conviction that every Christian — every single one! — is a disciple of Christ and thus is called by Christ to be a disciple maker. Every Christian whom God has called to Himself must make it his ambition to proclaim the gospel to others so that the lost are saved and so that the saved are growing.

Amazing realities that stem from the mission and vision statements are that people are concerned about people. There is person-to-person relationships that have begun, that continue, that endure, that will remain because of a commitment to grow one with another in the Word of God and in prayer.

Rather than exerting much, or all, of our energy in building great trellises, or programs, CFBC makes it its goal to build great vines. That is, ministry is people work. It’s pouring into people. It’s pouring into their lives. It’s ministering to them. It’s shepherding Christ’s Word to their own hearts. After all, all Christians, since they have the Spirit of God, can admonish one another in the Word of God. All are competent to counsel each other.

This kind of person to person, life on life ministry at CFBC looks different in the various relationships. But we encourage people to be actively involved in a discipling relationship with another person during the week. We encourage the flock to work progressively through a book of the Bible together. Both are speaking the Word into each other’s lives. Both are praying together. Both are growing together as Spirit-indwelt, sanctified people. Both strive to bear each other’s burdens and minister Christ to each other through speaking truth to one another. This is practical shepherding!

God has so blessed CFBC with folks who hunger for discipleship. The people enjoy meeting together. They are growing in meeting one with another. The relationships, the friendships, and the spiritual growth that happens is encouraging!


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